Good ol’ Joe: I have a great relationship with Somali cabbies in Wilmington

I am so cool, I have Somali friends! And, there are an awful lot of them!

Update February 19th:  O.K. Delaware residents can rest easy today.  Fact checkers give ol’ Joe four pinocchios when they couldn’t find a single Somali cab driver in Wilmington.  And it is no wonder because you can count on two hands (at most!) the number of refugees resettled in Delaware every year!

Update February 18th:  I see this morning that Joe’s Somali comments are being reported widely as somehow another of Biden’s racial gaffs, however, not one of the reports I have seen have made the connection that Somalis are in America thanks to Biden, Kennedy and Jimmy Carter when they opened widely the refugee pipeline to America in 1980!

It is so scary to realize who we have running our government with Obama not seeing the exponentially growing worldwide trend of Islamic brutality, and now here is VP Joe Biden telling us about his new found pals in the Wilmington, Delaware Somali ‘community.’

Of course this is on the eve of the sure-to-be-wimpy ‘Countering Violent Extremism’ pow-wow that will probably gloss over the problems emanating from the Somali ‘community’ of Minneapolis where since at least late 2007 Somali ‘youths’ we gave refuge to have said s**** you America and have headed off to jihad training around the world.

And, probably poor ol’ Joe hasn’t made the connection that he and his former Democratic mob boss in the Senate—Sen. Ted Kennedy, authors of the Refugee Act of 1980—are responsible for the growing Somali community in Wilmington and across the country.

You know what is funny?—Delaware has only ever resettled a tiny number of refugees (did Joe make sure that the number stayed small?).  But, these Somalis are secondary migrants who were resettled elsewhere in America and are now spreading out (colonizing!) as the Islamic Doctrine of Immigration tells them to do and Joe’s hometown is fair game!

LOL!  I bet Joe is popular with them because they know exactly what they are doing to America and Joe hasn’t a clue (kind of like when some kids play a trick on a doddering old man)!

From the Business Insider (hat tip: Robin):

Vice President Joe Biden says he’s quite popular with the Somali community of Wilmington, Delaware. If you want proof, he suggests you should talk to some local cab drivers.

“If you ever come to the train station with me, you’ll notice that I have great relationships with them because there’s an awful lot of them driving cabs and are friends of mine. For real,” Biden said Tuesday at a summit on violent extremism, according to video posted by The Washington Post.

Biden made his remarks while noting the large number of East African immigrants in Minnesota.

“In Minneapolis-€“Saint Paul, we’re working to build relationships with the East African immigrants who have made your city their home. As the same folks, Somalis, who have made made my city of Wilmington, Delaware, [their home] on a smaller scale,” he said. “It’s a large, very identifiable Somali community.”

For new readers:  The US State Department, thanks to former Senator and now VP Biden, has resettled well over 100,000 Somalis to America in the last couple of decades—last year the number bumped up to 9,000!   There had been a little slowdown starting in 2008 when the State Department discovered the massive fraud perpetrated by mostly Somalis claiming they were related to Somalis who got in previously.  A moratorium on family reunification was in place for several years.

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