Silly season in Mexico as the country considers ‘welcoming’ Syrian refugees

Have you ever heard anything so ridiculous!

José Antonio Meade, Mexico’s Secretary of External Relations: Sure, we might take some Syrians from Lebanon! (This must be a joke!)

As Mexico happily unloads its poor on America and allows Central Americans easy passage through Mexico so they too can ‘benefit’ from US generosity, the government of Mexico is considering becoming a recipient of impoverished Syrian refugees (and most will be Muslims).

They think they might like to follow in Uruguay’s footsteps (we already know the Uruguay experiment is failing, see here).


MEXICO CITY, Mexico – After a high-level meeting between the representatives of Mexico and Lebanon, the world’s largest Spanish-speaking country could follow in the footsteps of fellow Latin American nation Uruguay by accepting Syrians fleeing from the unrest in their homeland from overburdened refugee camps in Lebanon.

The Lebanese Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, Gebran Bassil, was in Mexico City for a meeting with his Mexican counterpart, José Antonio Meade, to “solidify political dialogue at the highest level” and “strengthen the ties of friendship and cooperation” that unite the two countries.


Meade acknowledged that the impact this sort of encumbrance has on a nation is “huge,” both in terms of the economy and society as a whole. Lebanon should be noted and praised for its “generosity, dedication and international commitment to this massive humanitarian issues.”

Secondly, the Middle Eastern country should be lauded for its “expressions of support for any measure of help that becomes available from any point of view,” according to Meade, who then added that “Mexico is open to the reception of refugees.”


If Mexico does go ahead with the acceptance of Syrian refugees, it would make it the second Latin American nation to officially do so after Uruguay.

Gee, maybe Mexico has better security screening than the US does?  Nah!

And, if they have the resources for Syrian refugees, why didn’t they take care of all those ‘Unaccompanied alien children’ (the so-called refugees) who passed through Mexico last summer?

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