Report from my travels to Minnesota…..getting the attention of the St. Cloud Times!

Update April 30th:  Don Barnett adds to the discussion with more facts in Letter to the Editor, here.

I’m back in Maryland after spending the last three days touring the state of Minnesota where I experienced an abundance of ‘Minnesota Nice.

Everywhere I traveled with ACT for America chapter leader Deb Anderson I was greeted warmly by citizen activists eager to learn more about the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program that has been run secretively for over three decades and is having an especially serious impact on the state of Minnesota.

I had prepared my first-ever power point presentation laying out the facts specifically on Minnesota, and left it with several activists who planned to show it again elsewhere.

St. Cloud dust-up!

Regular readers know that St. Cloud, Minnesota has been in the national spotlight in recent weeks and months as the Somali population there grows and becomes more demanding.  See our extensive St. Cloud archive, here.

So, it is no wonder that the St. Cloud Times, a Left-leaning newspaper, took a special interest in my visit. (Update: Just so you know I did not submit the photo they used!)

By the way, one of the major action points I emphasized in my 4 presentations around the state was that concerned citizens must begin to create some serious alternative media sources to get around the ‘captured’ small city newspapers. (This probably applies to just about every small city newspaper in America!).

The Left (and their greedy friends at the Chamber of Commerce and in big business ie. meatpackers) cannot stand to have the facts about what they are doing reported.   The Left (looking for new Democrat voters), the Chamber and big business don’t give a damn about what they do to your towns.   It is all about power and money!

Free speech is still the greatest weapon at our disposal, please use it!

Reporter Stephanie Dickrell

So, I was pleasantly surprised that reporter Stephanie Dickrell at the St. Cloud Times ( went to so much effort to find the facts and report that my “facts” are essentially true.

But, the most important thing her story did (probably for the first time ever) was to explain to their readers many of the details of how the UN/US State Department refugee program works.

Here is just a bit of what she said:

Ann Corcoran visited St. Cloud on Thursday, speaking at a private event, where media was not permitted, and appearing on KNSI’s Ox In the Afternoon show. She is the editor and founder of Refugee Resettlement Watch and has been involved with the refugee issue since 2007.  [Will link the radio interview as soon as I get it.—ed]

She is also the author of “Refugee Resettlement and the Hijra to America,” available on Amazon and at

Her worry is that refugees are being settled around the country using tax dollars and that is part of a larger movement to infiltrate America and promote Islam.


Corcoran said people are hesitant to speak up on the issue for fear of being called racist. But she believes residents have a “right to ask” who’s coming, how many are coming, where are they coming from and how much government money is being spent.


I couldn’t have been more delighted than to have been personally attacked in a verbal temper tantrum by this man—‘Professor’ Aric Putnam. I wonder does he understand that he is shilling for the Chamber of Commerce and BIG MEAT as they hunger for cheap immigrant labor?

Corcoran’s main argument is that refugees are being brought to U.S. cities using taxpayer money in a secretive manner and without the say of residents. She argues that refugee resettlement should still be performed by private charities.

Once here, she argues, refugees immediately enroll in welfare and other social services.


Corcoran also argues that most of these refugees are selected by the United Nations to come to the U.S. and come from “countries that hate us.”


LSS of Minnesota’s head honcho actually makes more than what I reported!  Again, what on earth could this CEO do (while being largely paid out of your wallets) that justifies a salary higher than a US Congressman, a Senator or a Supreme Court Justice?

Corcoran claimed 89 percent of LSS is funded by federal and state taxpayers. She said the Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota CEO makes more than $300,000 a year.

The organization’s funding comes from a variety of sources, including congregations, fees people pay for LSS services, local United Ways, private grants, individual contributions, bequests and government contracts for service. From that, 82 percent of its funding comes from government sources, according to Maureen Warren, chief family services officer.  [Ms. Warren and I were likely looking at two different years … but 82% is still outrageous for a so-called Christian charity.—ed]

President/CEO Jodi Harpstead had base compensation of about $267,000 in 2013. With retirement and other compensation added, her total comes to $323,000.

There is much more, read it all.

Personal hit piece on me!

Stephanie Dickrell did a pretty good job on the news report.  But, she (more likely her editors) blew it by also publishing a companion “news” story that should have been published as an Op-Ed by a “professor of rhetoric,” a supposed believer in free speech, that is nothing more than an ad hominem personal attack.

Is that what we teach college students to do these days as they pursue careers in “communication?”

The Professor reviewed a video clip put out by the Center for Security Policy in conjunction with the release of my little book:  ‘Refugee Resettlement and the Hijra to America,’ but the paper fails to link it, so readers can analyze for themselves whether I am promoting a “conspiracy theory” as Mr. Putnam says more than once.

The Professor uses a typical Leftwing tactic of attacking me personally.  This is what they ALWAYS do to silence opposing views.

Watch this clip of ‘Professor’ Putnam of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University Communications Studies Department talk about preparing “better thinkers.”  Really?

A home run!

Other than the St. Cloud Times editors choosing to publish the personal attack from ‘Professor’ Aric Putnam as news, I’m tickled with it because as one very astute observer noted—-“when you receive flak, you know you are over the target!” 

Reporting like this is meant to shut people up, but it doesn’t work that way on me and it shouldn’t on you!  It should serve as motivation to keep doing what one is doing if it annoys them so much that they go over the top and throw a verbal temper tantrum as ‘Professor’ Putnam does here.

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