Another Muslim Bosnian refugee faces extradition, charged with war crimes against Christian civilians

We just told you yesterday about a Bosnian war criminal being extradited back to the Serbian part of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and now we have another one!
It appears that this woman, a former prison guard, also allegedly lied to get into the US.
How many more Bosnian refugee frauds are out there from Bill Clinton’s war?

Azra Basic, just your friendly cake-baking refugee next door?

From (hat tip: Robin).  This is a long story and I’ve only snipped a small portion of it, so read the whole thing.  Emphasis below is mine:

A woman accused of torture and murder in the bloody Bosnian civil war more than 20 years ago has lost another effort to avoid being extradited from Kentucky to stand trial.

Azra Basic did not prove that an earlier decision under which she could be taken to Bosnia violated the law or a treaty, chief U.S. District Judge Karen K. Caldwell ruled Thursday.

Basic’s attorney, Patrick F. Nash, said Basic denies committing war crimes against civilians.

Basic will continue fighting to avoid extradition, with the next step being an appeal to the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, Nash said.


Nash also cited the historical enmity between Serbs and Muslim Croatians such as Basic.

“The danger of sending a Muslim Croatian into such a heavily Serbian area … there’s obvious concern there,” Nash said in an interview. “Is there a fear of unfairness? Sure.”

She is charged with participating in horrific crimes.

Caldwell’s decision said Basic allegedly supervised Croat forces that took dozens of ethnic Serbian civilians hostage in 1992.

Witnesses said she took part in horrific conduct, including killing one man by stabbing him in the throat, then forcing other prisoners to drink his blood; torturing a prisoner with pliers; forcing a man to drink gas and then setting his face on fire; and carving symbols into the skin of prisoners.

What were those symbols she is accused of carving into prisoners (into their foreheads)?  An earlier New York Times story tells us.

Ms. Basic carved crosses into prisoners’ foreheads.

See the whole 2011 NYT story here.
Imagine what these long drawn-out legal cases (including incarceration) involving refugee liars cost the US taxpayer!
Gee whiz!  Kentucky sure has its problems with refugee criminals, click here for our growing archive on Kentucky.  Makes you realize that all of this has been going on under the nose of ‘welcoming’ Senator Mitch McConnell for the last three decades!

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