Idaho: Uzbek Refugee Convicted of Terrorism Conspiracy Charge in US

My title is the headline on the AP story from Wednesday reporting that Fazliddin Kurbanov has been convicted in Boise, Idaho on terror charges.
It looks like, at a minimum, he will get ten years in the slammer at your expense.

Fazliddin Kurbanov
This photo is from Kurbanov’s facebook page and can be found in an informative story about his brother defending him. What interested me is the discussion of how his parents got asylum in the US after converting to Christianity, but that Kurbanov himself went back to Islam (after he got to the US?). Also, beware the Uzbek truck drivers in America.

You know why I’m featuring the AP’s headline?  Because when Kurbanov was first arrested in 2013 it was extremely difficult initially to figure out if he was a refugee admitted through the US State Department and deposited with a resettlement contractor in a town near you, or was he in the US through some other means.
The media is usually loathe to tell us the immigration status of a foreign criminal, so it is a milestone to see a headline like this one in the mainstream media with the word “refugee” so prominently mentioned.
Learn more about Fazliddin Kurbanov in our archives, here.
Read the AP story here.
And then be sure to see James Kirkpatrick’s take at VDARE (hat tip: Richard at Blue Ridge Forum):

Idaho was such a boring, white bread state with no culture. It needed vibrant refugees to spice things up.


Lost in the debate over what to do about Islamic terrorism and the Islamic State is the simple reality that the United States is actually importing an Islamic terrorism problem. Neoconservatives used to tell us that we “have to fight them there, or we will have to fight them here.” However, our current government policy is for us to bring them from over there, so they can fight us here. We don’t have a “radical Islam” problem. We have an immigration problem.

There is much more, he goes on to talk about the ‘government’ money sloshing through the system that perpetuates refugee resettlement!  Continue reading here.
We have a growing archive on Idaho mushrooming especially lately as a ‘Pocket of Resistance’ has formed in Twin Falls.
For more on Uzbeks click here.  Kurbanov is not the first Uzbek arrested in America on terror charges!
The next time you hear the contractors or the US State Department assure you that the security screening for refugees is rigorous, think about this case!
Incidentally, there is something very fishy about an airlift to America of Uzbek refugees during the Bush Administration, but I guess we will never know what the State Dept. and the CIA were doing!

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