Twin Falls, ID: Article tells us why you must demand answers BEFORE refugees begin arriving

….of course the trick will be trying to figure that out!
Twin Falls, Idaho has developed a very active and competent ‘Pocket of Resistance’ in spite of the local media’s effort to denigrate opponents of the UN/US State Department plan to further seed the community with third world refugees.  This round of controversy began in earnest back in April when the local resettlement contractor bragged to the media that Syrian (mostly Muslim) refugees were coming to Idaho.

Jessica Lilley
Jessica Lilley, USCRI field representative, obviously traveled to Twin Falls from USCRI’s Arlington, Virginia headquarters to help organize against the growing ‘pocket of resistance’ that has developed in Twin Falls. Photo:

You will have to read the whole article from Friday, here at for details on the latest news.  I can’t post much of it or the editor will have his lawyers send me another letter, but there is one important thing I want you to see.
First, here are the opening paragraphs:

TWIN FALLS • A refugee center in Twin Falls isn’t likely to go away even if the College of Southern Idaho stops sponsoring its program, officials say.

A local group — the Committee to End the CSI Refugee Center — wants a measure to shutter the center on ballots by May, says the group’s leader, Rick Martin, a widely known right-wing activist [LOL! bias alert!—ed]. They also want to recruit candidates to run for the college’s board of trustees in November 2016 with the goal of phasing out the center.

The group submitted its measure this week to the Twin Falls County Attorney, a preliminary step before the group can begin gathering signatures to get it on the ballot.

Then this!  Once they get a program up and running in your town, it becomes almost impossible to shutter it later because they are in the process of admitting family members of the first group they brought in.  The contractors are usually gleeful to shove that bit of news into critics faces.

Jessica Lilley, a program officer with the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants [USCRI—ed], addressed the topic Tuesday during a meeting with the Magic Valley Refugee Advocates, a group formed this summer to support the local program.

“You already have a community of refugees here” with family members still oversees, she said, and the U.S. Department of State will want an agency in Twin Falls to fill the gap as the relatives of refugees resettle in the United States.

She goes on to threaten that they will just drop them off in neighboring towns, but they will end up in Twin Falls anyway.
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This is why any of you wondering if you might be a target for refugee resettlement need to do your sleuthing and demand a public discussion of the plan coming from Washington BEFORE refugees arrive.

Remember you have a right to know what the UN/US State Department has in the works for your community and they will not be giving your town any advance warning!  It will be up to you to expose the plan.

How might you learn that refugees are (secretly!) destined for your town or city?
First, go here and see if you are located anywhere near the 190 resettlement offices.  If you are anywhere within a hundred miles of one of the government contractor offices, your town is fair game.
If you know anyone in local elected government, call them now and ask if they have heard any news about refugees coming (the feds are getting desperate for fresh territory!).  By law, the resettlement contractor is supposed to “consult” local elected officials, but it might be the most cursory of contacts.
Then you need to check with two local agencies—the health department and the school system—the first two places, especially right now as schools open, where some local official might have the inside scoop.
Another tip-off might be the soon-to-be open new industry, such as a meat packing plant, which wants to employ cheap immigrant laborers.  Federal contractors like USCRI work closely with not just manufacturing type industries or the food industry, but with the hotel industry as well.  They like to give the impression that this is all about ‘humanitarianism,’ but it isn’t.  That is just the cover! Frankly it is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY and about changing America demographically.
For background on Twin Falls, go here.  And, to contact Mr. Martin, see the website, Magic Valley Refugee Watch, here.
For more on USCRI….
See USCRI’s website here.  The organization is headed by Lavinia Limon who was Bill Clinton’s Director of the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement.  Limon is one of several contractors who have moved in and out of government over their careers resettling refugees.  If you want to know more about her, click here, for our Limon archive.  One of my favorite Limon posts is this one from 2008 when the US State Department did shutter the USCRI subcontractor office in Waterbury, CT for not taking good care of the refugees they had been paid to take care of!

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