Brenda Walker at VDARE tells us something positive about NYT article on South Carolina, Hijra mentioned

Update October 1:  Michael Cutler tells us more about the SC meeting where the NYT reporter failed to mention what the meeting was about and that Cutler had come to speak. Hat tip: Paula
She says that perhaps the NYT reporter I was so critical of, here, might have inadvertently caused readers to do a little homework and find out more about the Islamic doctrine of immigration—the Hijra.

Michael Cutler
Cutler (an expert on immigration and national security) was a featured speaker at the public meeting in Duncan, South Carolina (a town close to Spartanburg). His name does not appear in the NYT story. Why? Cutler bio here:

Walker suggests, as we did, that the reporter was likely attempting to make the citizens of South Carolina look like paranoid hicks, but then says this (here at VDARE):

… the paper did include a surprising fragment of truth in the second paragraph — a mention of hijrah by a local citizen in a South Carolina audience.

Have you noticed this too?  The word Hijra is creeping into coverage of Muslim migration.
Go here to read Walker’s excellent analysis.
By the way, a discerning NYT reader might have noticed that NYT reporter Fausset left out of his narrative any reason for the meeting in South Carolina in the first place.
Citizens had gathered to hear a former federal agent, an expert on terrorism and immigration, (among other speakers) who had traveled to SC to speak.  It wasn’t just a gab-fest for crazy people as the reporter makes it sound—they were there to hear from experts like Cutler!
Why didn’t Fausset report anything Cutler said?

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