Ethnic Diversity Weakens Communities Says New Study

You all know it intuitively and maybe you’ve actually seen it where you live!

Forcing ethnic diversity on communities destroys cohesiveness, causes mistrust and ultimately destroys the social fabric.


Thanks to reader Chaz for this very useful (and politically incorrect) report from Voice of Europe:

“Ethnic diversity not a strength but a weakness”, study says

A new peer-reviewed study by Danish academics published in the Annual Review of Political Science has revealed that ethnic diversity erodes social trust in communities.

University of Copenhagen Professor Peter Thisted Dinesen

The study, conducted by professors at the University of Copenhagen and Aarhus University in Denmark, looked to answer the question of whether “continued immigration and corresponding growing ethnic diversity” had a positive impact on social cohesion, unity, and togetherness.

In short, the study found that “continued immigration and corresponding growing ethnic diversity” exerts the exact opposite effect on society, meaning that it undermines and degrades social cohesion, unity, and togetherness.

Following a meta-analysis of 1,001 estimates from 87 studies from countries from the Western world, researchers found that there was indeed a “statistically significant negative relationship between ethnic diversity and social trust across all studies”.

One of the study’s main researchers, Peter Thisted Dinesen wrote: “To be clear, the overall negative relationship between residential ethnic diversity and social trust is statistically significant and holds up when conditioning on a range of potential confounders and moderators.”


The study’s findings run counter to the ubiquitous narrative which is constantly repeated on globalist media platforms, at schools and universities, and by EU bureaucrats – namely that ‘Diversity is a Strength’. 

Read it all here.

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3 thoughts on “Ethnic Diversity Weakens Communities Says New Study

  1. There is no longer one ethnic group that immigrants to the US who who comes with the intention to assimilate and become a proud American.
    They all speak their own languages in public and condemn English.
    They all proudly fly the flag of the countries they came from.
    They all live in the same neighborhoods together and separate themselves from Americans.
    They all call the country they came from “my country”
    They all vote Socialist.
    They all condemn White Americans.
    They all celebrate their cultures and demand we follow in their beliefs then call us racist if we disagree.
    They only call themselves Americans when it finically benefits them.

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