House of Representatives “Bipartisan” Pro-Refugee Caucus Organized by Non-Profit Group

Not a surprise that Minnesota Democrat Ilhan Omar would be a member of the Refugee Caucus.

When I told you in my previous post about “grass top” organizer, Anne Richard, and some of the goals the refugee industry activists are working on, I noticed the reference to a House of Representatives “bipartisan” caucus organized to promote more refugee resettlement.

Hmmm?  Who are they?

Before I get to who they are, I need to tell you about Leftwing ‘non-profit’ groups (501(c)3 organizations) and how they influence Congress.

They give themselves a warm and fuzzy sounding name, create a special logo and everyone thinks it is one more ‘humanitarian’ group when they are all just the same open borders activists recycled.

The organizer of the House Refugee Caucus is something called ‘We are all America’ which is an offshoot of the ‘National Partnership for New Americans,’  not to be confused with Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg’s ‘New American Economy.

NPNA, a consortium of Open Borders groups (I have never figured out where they get their money!), has created a spin-off—We are all America’ —which helps confuse casual observers, a standard operating procedure for the Left.

Lobbyists for NPNA then do the legwork on the Hill. First they find a few friendly members who agree to help form a ‘caucus,’ but it is the lobbyist(s) for NPNA who runs around the Hill, and talks to staff to find more of their ideological ilk to join the seed group.

In case you are wondering, those of us who want to see the Refugee Act of 1980  repealed (I don’t believe it is salvageable) have no such lobbyists.

Hang in there, I’m getting to the Republicans who are part of this Pro-More-Refugees-For-Your-Town gang.  (Hint!  See photo below right!)

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Washington 5th District) is obviously opposing the President on the refugee issue!

Here is what ‘We are all America’ says about the mission of the “Bipartisan” Refugee Caucus NPNA created:

The Bipartisan Congressional Refugee Caucus is critical to affirming the need for the United States to demonstrate leadership both in terms of refugee resettlement and overseas refugee protection.

This has never been more important, given the global refugee crisis and the Trump Administration’s attacks against the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program. The decisions made by the Administration and Congress in regard to refugee protection and resettlement will continue to have profound impacts on refugees’ lives, on the American communities that welcome them and thrive because of them, and on the ability of the United States to serve as a beacon of hope to refugees in the future. The Caucus will bring together Members of Congress who care about refugees, refugee protection and refugee resettlement and will provide opportunities for collaboration around this important population and the policy issues impacting them.

Overall Refugee Caucus Goals

~Demonstrate bipartisan support for refugee resettlement

~Affirm the importance of refugee resettlement in terms of foreign policy and diplomacy

~Assert Congressional oversight to ensure the resettlement program is being implemented as stipulated by the 1980 Refugee Act

~Coordinate caucus members in actions that elevate refugee issues in Congress, media outlets, and the public narrative

~Educate and engage other Members of Congress around refugee protection and resettlement

~Support adequate funding for the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) within the Department of Health and Human Services and the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM) within the State Department

If you are interested in joining the caucus, please contact Stephanie D. Stephens at  [Notice Ms. Stephens works for the Partnership for New Americans, clearly as a lobbyist.—ed]

Go here to see the members of Congress who are opposing the President on refugee resettlement.

Seven Republicans joined 50 (hard Left!) Democrats so they can say a bipartisan group of legislators is fighting the President on a key 2016 campaign promise.

Is your Republican member in this group?  Time for a primary challenge?

Diaz-Balart (Co-Chair GOP) R-FL-25
Smith (Co-Chair Smith) R-NJ-04
Katko R-NY-24
McMorris Rogers R-WA-05
Stewart R-UT-02
Stivers R-OH-15
Upton R-MI-06
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