It is Happening in Coney Island and Will Happen Where You Live…

….It is just a matter of time because out of control immigration is changing America.

Some towns and cities will change more rapidly than others, but with no brakes on an invasion from every quarter (including from the Refugee Admissions Program being accelerated by Joe Biden), you could be facing what the Coney Island area of Brooklyn is now facing.

I was shocked to see the videos of Muslim migrants, mostly Pakistanis, celebrating in an intimidating fashion the terrorist organization Hamas’ attack on Israel a few days ago.

Check out the horrifying scenes published by the RAIR Foundation:

NYC: Muslims Drive Through the Streets of ‘Little Pakistan’ Intimidating Jews (Video)

This is not Gaza. This is Brooklyn a few days ago. (Screenshot from the embedded video.)


Now that Donald Trump is no longer in office, Joe Biden to restore $235m in US aid to Palestinians. The Palestinian government no longer has to worry about losing hundreds of millions of dollars in handouts from the American government and can attack Israel without consequence. [Update: Biden is sending even more payola to Hamas/Palestinians as they attack Israel.—ed]

New York Jews Under Threat

Throughout New York City, Muslim migrants have been leading threatening demonstrations, attacking and intimidating Jews, and celebrating Hamas’ rocket attacks on innocent Israelis.

In the latest display of Islamic jubilation over the attacks by Hamas on Israelis, Muslims drove through the streets of Coney Island, New York, waving the Pakistani flag and honking their horns.

The celebration took place on Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn, New York, an area flooded with Pakistani immigrants since the ’80s. The area became informally known as “Little Pakistan” among residents. A once Jewish neighborhood has been converted to a home for followers of Islam.

Just last year, the Coney Island Avenue strip was officially co-named by the city as “Muhammad Ali Jinnah Way,” after the “founder” of Pakistan.

There is much more, including the video, at the RAIR Foundation.

I continue to be amazed that Jews like Ed Shapiro and those running the refugee agency HIAS (formerly Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society) and its fellow liberal Jewish organizations persist in thinking that Muslim migration on steroids will not negatively affect them, their children and their grandchildren at some point.

Now, this will really get me in trouble:  Are some Jewish people missing a gene that drives a survival instinct, or do they think that if they are so very very nice to Muslims they will win them over and Muslims worldwide will recognize their kindness and give up their multi-generational hatred for Jews?

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11 thoughts on “It is Happening in Coney Island and Will Happen Where You Live…

  1. When the public beheadings start popping up….Americans -even the Lefty ones …will suddenly realize what they’ve done….it will be too late then.

    Short of purging them from America….the nightmares will continue.

    I keep remembering that poor woman in Oklahoma years ago when a Muslim co-worker beheaded her right there at work.

    You bring in extremists….you get the extreme horrors.

  2. The Jews are not missing a gene that drives a survival instinct, they are living in subjective reality where they feel safe even though they most definitely are not safe. The perception of safety is not the reality of safety. Perceptual safety is the defense of a frightened child driving the bus and making the decisions. It is the equivalent of hiding under a bed when the house is on fire.

    I wrote in the manuscript for Dear America: Who’s Driving the Bus? 26 years ago, that people living in objective reality cannot live in peace with those living in subjective reality. I just did not understand the political consequences of this truth at the time. The information war is a perceptual war – the fear campaign regresses the public back to frightened childish thinking where they cannot defend themselves, their families, or their country. This is the state of the liberal Jewish mind AND the liberal American mind that believes the Marxist-Leninist dogma of the Biden/Harris regime will keep them safe. It won’t.

  3. Revelation speaks of “those who say they are Jews and are not, but lie” and this may be the “Jews” who are doing this.

    1. 70-80% of American Jews are Democrats. Voted for Killary, etc. They insanely will protect who they perceive as the underdog, in this case, the Palestinians. They are all totally ignorant about Jewish History. As is most of the world.
      Massive percentage of them are marrying out, and thus within another generation or two, will no longer be Jews. Good Riddance.
      The Orthodox Jews, and Conservadox, are those who are conservative politically, and care about Israel and are mostly pro-Trumpers. People like me, not very observant are the anomalies. I think our ranks will grow. The most extreme, vitriolic “pseudo–Jews” such as J Street, Jewish Voice for Peace, are not part of the Jewish People. May they meet the same fate as the SQUAD.

        1. Ann, the work that you do, and that NO ONE ELSE does, is so very vital, that you do not owe me an apology at all. I so admire you for what you do
          Halevai Halevai (wouldst it were so) that your message could be spread further, and wider.
          From my few family members, very few, I know that Libs will refuse with all of their strength, to read anything at all that they know is counter their beliefs.
          This is very painful for me, for my two daughters (31, and 38) will not read anything at all that I send them. Both took the jab, one the Pfizer, and that one married and wanting children, and actually Jewishly observant above and beyond what she learned at home (which I am grateful for) just learned that she and hubbie of 3 years, in Berkeley got the Pfizer, omg
          The elder, i yelled and screamed and promised anything in the world if she would not, even take it myself, but she was bluffing when she inquired,
          she got the JNJ. but she does not want children.
          I just learned these things in last couple of weeks, I am bereft. destroyed,
          Don’t know how many readers also read Mike Adams, sometimes one may thing conspiracy theorist, except that, in the end, he is almost always correct. Mike Adams on Brighteon, his platform, daily “situation update”. Highly recommend. And if sometimes you think this is nuts, well, it is possible, but often not. His value goes beyond possible pessimistic prognoses.

          1. Believe me, I know exactly how you feel about your daughters. Without saying more, because I dare not bring my children into my writing, I share your worry.

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