Keep an Eye on Europe at Border Hawk

Since I haven’t posted much in recent months about the ‘Invasion of Europe’ you should from time to time check out Border Hawk news that does closely follow breaking stories there.

I know we are all concerned with our southern border and about what Harris/Biden are going to do to small town America, see my post from Thursday on Vermont, but Western Civilization is crumbling on the European continent and it’s important for you to follow its decline if for no other reason than to inspire you to get involved in stopping the slide here.

This is a photo of a statue called “the refugee ship” exhibited in Denmark to inspire Danes to welcome refugees.  Would this inspire you?   Apparently the Lutherans think it will.


Below is a screenshot of today’s news from Europe at Border Hawk:

Go to Border Hawk, I have it linked in my sidebar and click on some of those horrible stories (just in time for World Refugee Day tomorrow).

By the way, I can tell how many of you do bother to follow links I provide.  It helps me know what my readers find useful and if what I post is a good use of my time.

See my ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive by clicking here.  

I’ve been writing posts on Europe for over a decade.

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2 thoughts on “Keep an Eye on Europe at Border Hawk

  1. Another superb tip, Ann. No matter how our cultures and homelands evolve in the next 10, 100 years, you are on record as truly being on the right side of history — ours. The pathological self-loathing that has been ingrained into Westerners/Europeans is unfathomable. When an entire race’s “crime” is simply living and perpetuating itself, there’s something deeply wrong at every level of existence. Folks, keep reminding yourselves: We’re about 10 percent of the world’s population and declining. They want us gone. It’s clearly long past time we reclaim our unity and, sadly, perhaps have to claim a new homeland — although in this hyperconnected world, that may never be possible again. Talk about a tribe on the run. And amid the civilizations our folk created, we are expected to drain our wealth and wellspring of ingenuity dry to turn the rest of the world and our world into the third world to appease a growing mass of chattel.

  2. Perhaps more important is what’s happening in European capitals, including Brussels (EU), politically — that’s where the will to stop in the invasion has to come from — because as long as it’s apparent that there is no will to stop them, the situation at the border won’t change: they will continue to come.
    [44 Afghanen am Flughafen Hahn bei illegaler #Einreise entdeckt, trotz der Tatsache, dass sie bereits in Griechenland Asyl beantragt haben, werden sie zu Aufnahmeeinrichtungen gebracht, da sie hier erneut Asyl begehren #Sekundärmigration]

    44 Afghans arrived in Germany on a flight from Greece — although it seems they had already applied for asylum in Greece, they said they wanted to apply in Germany, and were taken to a center for that — there is a lot of this ‘secondary migration’ happening now, and DE is the most common destination because 1) conditions are better in DE (than in e.g. Greece), and 2) it’s well known that it’s very unlikely they will be sent back, even later if/when their applications are denied — in general, left-wing political parties (SPD, Die Linke, Greens), which are in power via coalitions throughout most of Germany, make it very difficult to send people back to Afghanistan.

    Italy, particularly Lampedusa, is being overwhelmed again at the moment.

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