Kenyan Somalis to be issued with passports for anywhere?

I’m bringing this news to you from a blog for Kenyan Somalis, therefore I can’t say for sure if this blogger knows what he is talking about.   It seems that Kenyan Muslims are getting ready to go to Mecca in December but instead of getting restricted passports as in the past, they will be issued wide open passports.

I suppose this is one way to move along any malcontents who have taken up residence in Kenya.

Muslims travelling to Mecca for the Hajj will be issued with unrestricted passports valid for travel anywhere in the world, Immigration Minister Otieno Kajwang’ has said.

In the past, pilgrims applying for passports were issued with travel documents valid for one year and restricted to the Middle East.

“The restriction imposed on passports issued to Muslims travelling for the Hajj shall be lifted. Consequently, they will be issued with travel documents valid for 10 years,” Mr Kajwang’ said.
He was speaking at his offices, where he held a meeting with officials of the Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims (Supkem). The officials had an audience with the Minister to seek intervention to expedite the issuance of passports ahead of the annual pilgrimage in December. Supkem had complained the Government discriminated against Muslims seeking legal documents.

If this is true, it sure looks like the Kenyan government is saying, as it waves goodbye, “bon voyage!”

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