CAIR calls JBS Swift “uncooperative”

In this Denver Post story from Saturday we learn that CAIR and its handmaiden, the EEOC, have been trying for a long time to get Swift to cooperate with demands for religious accommodation in another of Swift’s plants but to no avail, so far.   And,  CAIR predicts a long haul in Greeley.   Hang in there Swift!    I can’t believe I am cheering for a meatpacker. 

A civil-rights group holds little hope that a week-old dispute between Muslim workers and their bosses at a Greeley slaughterhouse will end quickly, based on the company’s recent response in a similar standoff in Nebraska.

A mediation session between Brazilian-owned JBS Swift & Co. and the Council on American-Islamic Relations to discuss issues involving Muslim employees at its Grand Island, Neb., plant ended Wednesday without progress, CAIR officials said.

“They were completely uncooperative,” said Christina Abraham, director of civil rights at CAIR’s office in Chicago, which is handling both Swift disputes.

“Though we’re hopeful, the issue in Greeley may follow the same route and it could take years,” she said.

Notice how CAIR is labelled a civil-rights group by the Denver Post, what a joke.   This is the type of story that will continue to appear—bad meatpacking business screws poor Somalis who only want to pray.  I would have some respect for the Denver Post if they explored the issue of what the Somali workers are saying to the Arab press about the “Mexicans” in Greeley.  But they won’t.    Gates of Vienna tells us why:

News stories that pit one protected minority against another make the MSM very unhappy. Whether it’s Muslims and homosexuals, Eskimo seal hunters, or wife-beating Latinos, news items about conflicts between officially recognized grievance groups give the mainstream news services indigestion. There’s no way that they can shoehorn these stories into the dominant narrative — evil white heterosexual racist men against minorities, gays, and women — so they tend to leave them out.

Since our readership has boomed over the last week, new readers may want to use our search function for the word “Somalis” to begin to get up to speed on the community clashes with this huge immigrant group across America.    For a starting place on the Greeley/Swift/Somali story go here.

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