American Jihadist in Somalia: gee, I wonder how my Mom is feeling about all this

Oh brother, not long ago there were reports out of Somalia that Alabama-born Abu Mansoor al-Amriki was dead (killed by fellow jihadists), now we learn he has penned a book.  He says he hopes to inspire other young American Muslims that they too can follow their Jihad dreams and come on over to Africa.

Jihad a normal career choice!  From

Amriki, who has reportedly been based in anarchic Somalia since late 2006 and is wanted by the US on terrorism charges, has issued previous videos calling for foreign recruits, including singing rap songs praising holy war.

“I am not simply a disenfranchised foreigner who is jealous of America,” the 28-year old said, writing thousands of miles from the small town of Daphne, Alamaba where he grew up.

“The real fear that Americans feel when they see an American in Somalia talking about jihad, is not how skillful he is at sneaking back across the borders with nuclear weapons,” he added.

“The Americans fear that their cultural barrier has been broken, and now jihad has become a normal career choice of any youthful American Muslim.”

But wait…there will be no going back.  No Mommy, no sister, no chicken wings or gourmet coffee!

What I would like though is to have a three day visit to see my mom, dad and sister…I often wonder what this whole experience has done to them,” he writes, as well as missing his daughter whom he abandoned in Egypt as a baby.

“After going through all the hugs and kisses, me and Dena (his sister) would probably go running around town laughing our heads off and talking about a billion things without ever finishing a conversation,” he wrote.

“I’d like to make a round of the restaurants and get some Chinese food, some hot (chicken) wings, some Nestle ice cream, some gourmet coffee and a slew of other foods and beverages.”

Wait till he finds out that he gave up Chinese food and there is no Allah!  Boo hoo!

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