Militant Islamists riot in Bangladesh, including militant Rohingya

Rioting in Dhaka yesterday. Which one of these Islamists do you want in your town?
Photo: Dhaka Tribune

Watch for it, Muslim hardliners are trying to overturn the Muslim government of Bangladesh as riots broke out in Dhaka in recent days.

Here is the story from the Dhaka Tribune:

 Fearing militant attacks, law enforcers  have kept close and constant surveillance on at least 40 Islamist groups in the country.

According to the intelligence department, supporters of those Islamist outfits are plotting to launch militant attacks by whipping up the masses through anti-government propaganda.

The members of law enforcing agencies were asked to remain vigilant and report anything suspicious by those Islamist organisations.

The 40 Islamist groups under intelligence watch are: International Khatme Nabuat Movement, Arakan Rohingya Force, Islamic Solidarity Font, Arakan People’s Army, Liberation Myanmar Force, Arakan Mujahid Party, Rohingya Independence Force, Rohingya Independence Army, Rohingya Patriotic Front Al-Harat-Al Islamia, Tauhidi Janata, World Islami Front, Jumaatul Al Sadat, Sahadat-e-Nabuat, Allahar Dal, Islamic Front, Jamaat As Sadat, Al-Khidmat, Hizbullah Islami Samaj, Muslim Millat, Sharia Council, Ahle Hadis Andolan Bangladesh, Dawati Kafela, Hizbul Mahdi, Bangladesh Anti-terrorist Party, Al Islam Martians Brigade, Jommiat Ahle Hadis Andolon, Jommiatul Ehzia Utraz, Hayatur Ilaha, Sattabad, Anjumane Talamize Islamia, Kalemar Jamaat, Tazir Bangladesh, Forkan Movement, Sahaba Parishad, Ketal Bahini, Eshar Bahini, Al Fahad, Horkatul Mujahidin, Mujahidin-e-Tazim, Jadid Al-Kayda, Al Markajul Al Islami and Jamatul Falaiya.

Intelligence sources said the parties are mainly active in the Baitul Mukarram Mosque area and Chittagong district.

The Chittagong district is where tens of thousands of Rohingya are living.

Why do we care?

We care because the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (the largest of the top nine federal refugee contractors) testified that they want to resettle Rohingya from Bangladesh to your towns!

Here is what Anastasia Brown told the US State Department on May 15th, in her testimony for the USCCB:

we strongly believe that the Rohingya in Bangladesh should receive a Priority Two designation from the U.S. government, allowing them to be resettled as members of a persecuted group.  [Meaning that someone need only say, I am Rohingya so therefore I am persecuted.—ed]

This is our 147th post in our Rohingya Reports category.  We have followed the “humanitarian” agitators public relations campaign to bring more Rohingya to the West ever since we began RRW in 2007.

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