Census Bureau: Whites will be a minority in US by 2043

It’s “baked into the cake!”

From Bloomberg:

The U.S. continued its transformation into a majority-minority nation last year, with Census Bureau data showing non-Hispanic whites making up the lowest percentage of the population in American history.

The estimates released today capture several milestones in the country’s demographic makeup. For the first time in more than a century, deaths outpaced births among white Americans. Almost half, 49.9 percent, of the nation’s children younger than 5 were minorities as of July 1. And the nation’s total minority population grew 21 times faster than whites.


“A natural decrease and eventual loss in the white population is baked into the cake of our older white population,” William H. Frey, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, a Washington-based policy research group, said in an e-mail. “It’s the younger, rapidly growing minority population that will be driving economic and demographic growth this century.”

Minorities younger than 18 are expected to overtake the number of white children by 2019, the Census Bureau said last year. The U.S. is projected to become a majority-minority nation by 2043.

There is more, read it all.

Shall we look to South Africa (the Rainbow Nation) as a model for how things will be?

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