Connecticut: Another convenience store food stamp fraud bust, new angle

EBT Nation!

Your tax dollars!

The scam being run by Saaid Cherkaoui at his Bridgeport, CT convenience store demonstrates a new twist in the standard immigrant-run fraud scheme.

Cherkaoui (as usual no nationality or immigration status is given, but some with that last name are Moroccan) acquired a large number of of EBT cards, used them at a wholesale store to purchase hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise he then resold in his Mom & Pop grocery.

What I don’t get about the story is why the State of Connecticut is fining him and not also turning him into the feds for criminal prosecution.

From NBC Connecticut:

The state of Connecticut is suing a Bridgeport grocery and convenience store owner accused of using hundreds of food stamp accounts to buy hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of energy drinks, candy bars, beef jerky and other products that he sold at his store.

Saaid Cherkaoui, who runs Slim’s Deli Market, is accused of obtaining EBT cards from authorized recipients and using them at BJ’s Wholesale Club, where he bought products at a discount.

State officials said the scheme began as early as March 1, 2011 and continued until Oct. 6, 2012  He’d swipe card after card at the self-checkout to pay for the products, then resell the items at his store, according to the complaint the state filed against Cherkaoui.

Regular readers know that Food Stamp Fraud at immigrant-run convenience stores is a side interest of mine.  Dozens and dozens of posts similar to this one may be found by clicking here.

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