Handy data on your state/city and refugee admissions

One of the stories on the Tennessee meeting this week, linked this handy chart (click here) for you to see how many refugees and from what country came to your state in fiscal year 2012.   The Obama Administration/feds and their contractors were shooting for 70,000 refugees last year but resettled 58,238.

Check the numbers here (Refugee Admissions Report as of Jul 31, 2013 ) at WRAPS (Refugee Processing Center) and note that again Obama wants 70,000 and they may come close to that for FY2013.  As of July 31st they had resettled 57,030 with two months to go until the fiscal year ends on September 30th.  (These numbers do not include asylees)

You should open some of the other data tables at WRAPS, they are very informative.

I often forget about it myself, but we have an entire category entitled “Where to find information” that you might find useful.

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