Four Israelis arrested in Tel Aviv for beating African migrants

The African “asylum-seekers” have been sleeping in a park in Tel Aviv.

African migrants sleep in Tel Aviv park.
Photo: Ronen Zvulun/Reuters

Regular readers know we have been following the on-going tension in Israel as thousands of mostly Africans came across the Egyptian border in recent years and asked for asylum.  The flow was slowed when Israel built a substantial border fence, but the political battles are on-going as to what to do with the thousands already there.

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Here is the story from the Jerusalem Post:

Four men driven by a hatred of foreigners beat and robbed African migrants in south Tel Aviv in recent months, before they were arrested Monday by Tel Aviv police.

Tel Aviv police said Tuesday that the four men operated in the neighborhoods of Hatikva, Shapira, and the area around the Central Bus Station. They would single out foreigners walking around these neighborhoods and then would attack them “using great cruelty” – police said – using bottles and sticks to beat them into submission.

Police said the robberies were of secondary interest to the men, who were driven by a hatred of foreigners and were looking to beat and terrorize them, robbing them as a sort of afterthought.

The men, all aged 22 and 21, are themselves residents of south Tel Aviv, and will be brought for a remand extension at the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.

In April, Tel Aviv police arrested five Israeli males, including two minors, for carrying out a series of attacks on Africans in south Tel Aviv.

Of course we don’t condone what these men have done, but frankly it is human nature to protect one’s territory so it’s not unexpected.   I think it has a name—Ethnic nationalism.  It is something the multiculturalists would like to stamp out permanently.

How long before we in the US have migrant camps like this one, and the ones in Germany, France, and Holland?

Addendum:  Here is an earlier story where an Israeli cabinet member says the migrants must be dispersed.

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