Saudi press calls Burmese Buddhists “bigots,” while they themselves deport Africans by the thousands

“Buddhist bigots” shouts the Saudi press. The Burmese monks don’t want the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in their country! No one in Europe or the US is as brave as these monks!

This is your laugh of the day (other news coming soon is pretty grim!).

You have to hand it to them, the Saudis have a lot of hutzpah!

In an editorial in the Saudi Gazette, they blast Burma for its treatment of the Rohingya Muslims while they themselves are deporting Africans by the thousands so as to keep Saudi Arabia pure for their people—Arabs.

And, it is even worse, here is one post we published in 2012 where we reported that Saudi Arabia was imprisoning 700 Rohingya people who made it into Saudi Arabia!

Saudi Gazette this week:

… the census is going to demonstrate the strength of the Muslim minority within the country.

Buddhist bigots have already caused near genocidal horrors among the Rohingya. The guilt of the Burmese government has been compounded by its refusal to accept that the Rohingyas, a community which has lived in the country for many generations, are entitled to Burmese citizenship. Not only should all Burmese politicians, including Aung San Suu Kyi, give assurances that they will accept the findings of the census, but that also that they will not use them to promote further persecution of minorities, not least the Rohingya.

For the many new readers we have lately, we haven’t reported on the Rohingya much, but we have a whole category on them here.  Our interest is that the contractors (the Catholic Bishops!) and the US State Department have begun to bring some Rohingya to America.  We don’t know how many because they have them interspersed with the Christian Burmese we have been resettling by the tens of thousands.

Learn more about the OIC, here.

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