Aunt Zeituni receives Muslim burial in Kenya

I guess you could call this a wrap-up to the controversial story of Barack Obama’s favorite aunt who lived illegally in the US on the fruits of the American taxpayer, and who, near the end of her life, was granted asylum so she could escape persecution and wouldn’t have to return to that evil Kenya (one of Africa’s few relatively safe and stable countries).   She is back in Kenya now.

Malik Obango (Barack’s half brother and best man) reported that Auntie was buried with her Muslim relatives. Photo:

My original plan was to post this yesterday, Mothers Day, to tell you something I had never heard before—she had four children in Kenya and a man claiming to be her husband, so why the heck did she leave her children and live on welfare in Boston?—and, ultimately to be snubbed there by her dear nephew (he went golfing and did not attend her US memorial service).

From Standard Media Kenya:

Kisumu, Kenya: Zeituni Onyango Obama, the United States President Barack Obama’s aunt, has been laid to rest in Kisumu under the Muslim religion traditions. This is despite calls by a Homabay resident who had wanted to bury her body claiming she was his wife.

Recently, Ebel Mboya Okoko, a resident of Kanyadhiang Village in Homabay County claimed that Zeituni was his legal wife and wanted to bury her remains at his home under the Luo tradition.

Until Monday, Okoko still had hopes of burying the body despite what he termed his in-laws’ family denying him the rights.

He said efforts to meet Mama Sara Obama or other Zeituni’s close relatives to discuss the whereabouts of Zeituni’s funeral had failed.

Last week a report attributed to President Barack Obama’s half-brother Malik Abong’o, that the remains of Ms Zeituni would be buried in a Muslim cemetery in Kisumu prompted Okoko to seek legal redress to the matter.

Read on to learn more about her children and this dysfunctional family—not every one is granted asylum in America as a way of escaping screwed up relatives!

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