Poll: Most Europeans want immigration to the Continent stopped

In North America 39.3 want immigration numbers decreased.

This is a story put out by the International Organization for Migration (IOM).  I mentioned this US government contractor the other day—their role for us is to prepare and ship out the refugees headed for America (I guess other countries too, just never paid enough attention to them).  They have a $1.6 billion budget, here.  According to USA Spending, the US donated over $375 million to the IOM in fiscal year 2014.

Illegal migrants arrive in Malta. Is it any wonder 76% of Maltese citizens do not want more? Photo: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-23848749

The IOM did a worldwide poll on opinions toward immigration which they say will be out later this year.  For whatever reason, they are giving out some preliminary numbers now.

At the Tribune (emphasis is mine):

GENEVA: More than half of Europeans want less migration with up to 84 per cent of Greeks against any further rise, the International Organization for Migration said on Friday.

Releasing the preliminary findings of a Gallup poll held across more than 140 nations, the IOM said the trend in Europe went against the sentiment recorded in other regions of the world.

Across Europe, which has been battling to fight an influx of migrants arriving via often perilous land and sea routes, 52.1 per cent said migration levels should drop.

A total of 30.2 per cent Europeans wanted to maintain the status quo while 7.5 per cent wanted more migrants.  [Guess that means the cheap labor advocates like German Chancellor Angela Merkel are in the minority—big time!—ed]


But there was a divide in the continent in North-South terms.

The majority in Scandinavia wanted the level of newcomers to remain constant or increase but countries in the Mediterranean region, an entry point for many migrants, wanted a sharp fall.

Eighty-four percent Greeks were against higher immigration. The figures for other affected countries were also steep with Italy at 67 per cent, Spain (56 per cent) and Malta (76 per cent).   [Well, heck, if I were running the government in Malta I would surely be shipping the illegal migrants north!—ed]


At the same time anti-immigration rhetoric is growing across the European Union, fuelled by concerns about faltering economic growth and prompting calls for tougher border controls.

I betcha that they did this survey involving North America before the US border invasion by the children this past summer!  And, don’t you wonder how they asked the question and where they asked it!

But in North America, another coveted region for immigrants, the majority would like the status quo maintained (34.2 per cent) or to see the levels increase (22.8 per cent).

They go on to say that 39.3 of North Americans want immigration levels decreased.

I would say that is a very significant number, and possibly more so if we knew when and where they were polling.

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About the photo:   For our many new readers, we have an extensive archive on the tiny island nation of Malta which has been besieged for all the years (since 2007) we have been reporting.  You will be astounded to hear that every year the US State Department takes a significant number of these illegal migrants and transforms them into refugees for resettlement in your towns.   Here is just one recent post on that issue.  Click here for the whole sad story on Malta and how the US helps to create a “pull” factor for that country.

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