Comment from a Brit: We are headed for a disaster of epic proportions

Editor:  This is a comment we received from a regular reader ‘misterpaul5a’ to this post this morning.  To say he is frustrated would be a gross understatement. The events of the last week should be galvanizing all of us to do more, to dig deeper into our reserves of energy, to save Western Civilization for OUR children and grandchildren.
Misterpaul5a (we have broken the text into paragraphs for easier reading and highlighting is mine):

Once again Cameron has reneged on a promise. “We will not be taking refugees, we will be taking refugees”, “we will reduce immigrants to TENS OF THOUSANDS” (as if that were not thousands more than we need) instead of which we took in ,wait for it, 350,000. These people simply have no SHAME. What a coward he is proving to be. In the Obama mold to a great extent The man is a pathetic puppet being pulled this way and that by forces we do not see but certainly devoid of courage.

Securing a future for the British people or for the Muslim migrants? David Cameron caves:

The only person we can trust in British politics today is Nigel Farage. The only person in the USA, Donald Trump.

Without a shadow of doubt we are heading for a disaster of EPIC proportions unless there is a complete sea-change in our handling of this massive fraud perpetrated on the civilized West.

This state of affairs just cannot continue. I have been of a conservative nature all of my life until fairly recently, having chosen the UKIP path a couple of years ago. BUT! There MUST be a revolt by the people who really keep our countries afloat, and that is the put-upon guys and gals who, whether they like it or not, are having their hard- earned funds, in the form of taxes, snatched away from them at every turn – simply to be spent on a work-shy, bed-hopping, alcohol -swilling, dope-peddling, self-centred underclass of Orwellian proportions.

I am no longer able to carry the flag forward at any great pace – my batteries are running down. But even at my age I know I would be able to lend a hand to those true folk who are willing to, take up the challenge and oust the self-seeking jerks who call themselves ‘politicians’ – what a grubby, lying, greedy breed they are.

And the most shameful thing of all in the coming years will be those among us who will further disgrace our ranks by putting their crosses against the names of Muslims both in the USA and in Europe on voting slips, thus contributing to our own impending downfall.

NO! I have NOT given-in! But the stark warning I have been giving in these pages, consistently since I joined the discussions, is that we cannot blame anyone but ourselves for the tragedies to come – our kids and grandchildren will curse their elders til the end of time if the challenge of the evil of Islam is not faced – AND NOW!

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By the way, you can be sure that Obama will not allow himself to be upstaged by Angela Merkel and David Cameron, so watch for a dreadful announcement from the White House this month.

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