Germany: Forget this humanitarian B.S. We want workers!

Invasion of Europe news….

While looking for something else, I came across this article from Der Spiegel from August in which it is made very clear that Angela Merkel’s welcome to the migrants is all about the cheap and abundant labor German industrialists need.  (This was written before the invasion crisis began in earnest and there was still a certain glow to the notion of inviting ‘refugees’ to Germany).
As we highlighted in a story from Twin Falls, Idaho—just follow the money!
See Angela Merkel’s prospective workers arriving via Hungary (be prepared to be sick!)  Hat tip: John

German Companies see Refugees as Opportunities!

The German economy is dependent on immigration, both from Europe as well as people entering the country due to asylum rights in Germany. With the German population shrinking, businesses are unable to fill many jobs, and specialized workers are increasingly rare. This trend will only be exacerbated in the coming years. It’s a development that jeopardizes the country’s future prosperity.


A smaller workforce translates into fewer people paying into the pension fund and health insurance systems, fewer people consuming and producing goods, and fewer people paying taxes to pay for expenses like schools and road construction. Fewer people also translates into a reduced potential for growth and less affluence.


The skilled trades have already started recruiting refugees and migrants. When Christoph Karmann is not sitting in his office in downtown Munich, he is visiting vocational schools, where he encounters young migrants with many questions. What can I do, they ask? What opportunities will I have? How does the vocational training system work in Germany?

As one of two so-called training canvassers with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Munich and Upper Bavaria, Karmann places refugees and migrants in companies with training programs. Bavarian skilled manual labor enterprises are urgently in need of trainees and workers. This spring, the chamber of trade wrote to 7,000 businesses in Upper Bavaria to ask whether they would hire a refugee. In response, it received offers for 1,200 internship and traineeship positions.

There is much more, read it all.
Obviously Germany is willing to trade its cultural and religious future for cold hard cash!  What good is “future prosperity” if Germany becomes New Syria!
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