No Wonder the Refugee Contractors are Sweating Trump Order!

We’ve been reporting daily (just scroll back and see what I mean!) about the President’s September Executive Order that requires that refugees be placed in cities/counties where the elected officials have said in writing that they welcome more refugees, or in the case of new sites where the city or county wants a new site.

It is no wonder the federal resettlement contractors heads are exploding! They are going to have to work really hard to get their federal boodle!

I’ve been wondering how they are going to accomplish this goal by a deadline supposedly later this month.

In fact, I’ve been seeing a reference to a June 1 date that had me scratching my head. What happens then?

This morning, I opened my alerts to yet another sob story about how refugee families are suffering because they were expecting to bring their whole families here soon and now face a longer wait because of that meany in the White House.

The story is this one from Missoula, Montana—which hosts a very new resettlement site operated by the filthy rich International Rescue Committee.***

(I mentioned it here just last week!)

Today’s story is here:

‘You pray, you pray’: Trump refugee cap places strain on Missoula families

It contains many column inches of stories the Left loves to tell—the stories that count on moving people emotionally. But, it also contained this brief paragraph:

Trump also signed an executive order, set to take effect next summer, that requires resettlement agencies like Missoula’s IRC to obtain state and local government consent before accepting more refugees.

So what is that all about?

There must be guidance published somewhere on how the Executive Order is to be implemented.

Sure enough, here it is and it is evident that the reason for the contractors hitting the panic button is that their FUNDING AFTER JUNE 1 IS TIED TO THEIR COMPLIANCE WITH THE EXECUTIVE ORDER.

They must jump through a lot of hoops!  They have to explain how they involved the public in their decision making about who and how many they want to place in a community; they need to say how much private money they have collected toward the project; and of course must have letters from the governor AND the local elected officials apparently by Christmas.

The funding guidance mentions the 50-100 mile radius around each resettlement site that I referenced in my post yesterday.  If you missed it be sure to go back and see if you live near a site.

You are going to have to read the guidance yourself, and I’ll see what I can do to get a lawyer’s opinion on what appears to me to be a massive bureaucratic undertaking for the contractors. Boo hoo! It is about time they are being made accountable!

No wonder they are suing to stop the President!

Just so you know, I don’t think there can ever be real reform of the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program until this entire contracting system that relies on nine Leftwing ‘non-profits’ largely funded by taxpayers (and who hate the President!) to place refugees throughout America.


***Note to Montanans!  You must put pressure on your governor because you know the refugee industry there is mobilized!  Additionally, if Missoula is lost, see what you can do to put some political pressure on county government.

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3 thoughts on “No Wonder the Refugee Contractors are Sweating Trump Order!

  1. Thanks for all that you are doing Ann. Sorry to not comment much. The reason for this is because I have confidence that the President will take care of things. He has proven himself time and time again. Even if some migrants are settled in my area, and they do cause trouble and commit crimes, the days when we can be called racists and told to shut up are over. They will be required to obey the law or sent back home if they don’t.

    The invasion is being stopped in it’s tracks thanks to gutsy women like you. Every American owes you a huge thank you.

    1. Thanks, but you have no idea how few people like me are working at this. I’m a solitary blogger working from my basement! The other side has extensive networks, including lawyers and paid staffers working at this every day, year in and year out. Trump has made a big move with this latest EO and we must make it clear that we back him. And, as I said here everybody needs to get busy to get him re-elected or we are done, DONE! And, I mean DONE!

  2. Thanks for the Missoula sob story. I live close enough that I see it and it is real. Mary Poole and her IRC pals are really turning on the heat.

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