42 Governors and 100 Local Elected Bodies have said YES! to More Refugees

[Correction: In my first headline I said 43 governors said yes. 42 said yes, and one, Texas, has said no.]

When I saw this story at the New York Times this morning bashing some local communities for saying no to more refugees, it reminded me to tell you where the consents stand to date.

The NYT reporter, besides slamming elected officials like Mayor Sarno of Springfield, Mass (a Dem. who echoes Trump) also informs us that the federal refugee contractors are still pushing for more consents to come in even as the Trump refugee reform effort has been stalled by a friendly liberal judge.

To see who exactly has said yes so far to accepting more financial responsibility for state and local taxpayers (and increased societal tension) I went back to Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service’s website.

LIRS, which has a lot to lose since it is 85-90% federally funded in any given year, has been keeping track.  They are also one of three contractors that filed the lawsuit to stop the President’s reform effort because they want to place refugees in locations they choose as they have been for decades.  You, local citizens, should have no say!

I see they have listed over 100 local consenting elected bodies and governors in 42 states.

So it seems to me that all refugees coming in should be directed to those 100 local communities (assuming the governor has said yes as well).

Isn’t 100 enough?

Here is their most recent map of governors:

Wyoming has never been part of the refugee program and note that liberal Hawaii has not yet opened its arms to more diversity! LOL! Readers have been asking me where they might move. I see some good options.


And here below are the local governments that have said yes so far.

You would have to exclude any from Texas because the governor has said no, and unless governors of Georgia and Florida say yes, the local governments from those states would be blocked from ‘welcoming’ refugees.

  1. Mayor Ben Walsh – Syracuse, NY
  2. Mayor Jacob Frey Tweet of consent– Minneapolis, MN
  3. Mayor Andrew Ginther– Columbus, OH
  4. Mayor Steve Schewel and Letter of Consent – Durham, NC
  5. Mayor Jenny Durkan Letter of Consent – Seattle, WA
  6. Mayor Nancy Vaughan Letter of Consent – Greensboro, NC
  7. Alexandria City Council resolution, statement from Mayor Justin Wilson – Alexandria, VA
  8. Durham County, NC Board of Commissioners – Letter of Consent
  9. Knoxville City Council Consent – Knoxville, TN
  10. Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price (R) letter to Governor Abbott
  11. Erie County, NY – Letter of Consent
  12. Mayor Byron Brown Letter of Consent – Buffalo, NY
  13. Mayor Patti Garrett Letter of Consent – Decatur, GA
  14. Chatham County, GA – Letter of Consent
  15. Polk County, IA – Letter of Consent
  16. Warren County, KY – Letter of Consent
  17. Daviess County, KY – Letter of Consent
  18. Mayor Nicole LaChapelle Letter of Consent – Easthampton, MA
  19. Mayor Alex B. Morse Letter of Consent – Holyoke, MA
  20. Mayor David Narkewicz Letter of Consent – Northampton, MA
  21. Mayor Kimberly Driscoll Letter of Consent – Salem, MA
  22. Mayor John Engen Letter of Consent – Missoula, MT
  23. Mayor David Engen Letter of Consent – Grand Forks, ND
  24. Mayor Frank G. Jackson Letter of Consent – Cleveland, OH
  25. Mayor Michael P. Summers Letter of Consent – Lakewood, OH
  26. Mayor Timothy J. DeGeeter Letter of Consent – Parma, OH
  27. Mayor Nan Whaley Letter of Consent – Dayton, OH
  28. Erie County Pennsylvania – Letter of Consent
  29. Mayor Jorge O. Elorza Letter of Consent – Providence, RI
  30. Bexar County, TX – Letter of Consent
  31. Mayor Ron Nirenberg Letter of Consent – San Antonio, TX
  32. Mayor Levar Stoney Letter of Consent – Richmond, VA
  33. Kalamazoo County, MI – Letter of Consent
  34. Kandiyohi County, MN – Letter of Consent
  35. Pima County, AZ Letter of Consent – Pima County, AZ
  36. Mayor Kim Maggard Letter of Consent – Whitehall, OH
  37. Mayor Betsy Price Letter of Consent – Fort Worth, TX
  38. Mayor John Dailey Letter of Consent and Proclamation – Tallahassee, FL
  39. Burleigh County, ND – Commission Vote
  40. Franklin County, OH – Final Resolution / Commission and Article
  41. Mayor of Dallas Letter of Consent – Dallas, TX
  42. Mayor Thomas McNamara Letter of Consent – Rockford, IL
  43. Winnebago County, IL – Letter of Consent
  44. DuPage County, IL – Letter of Consent
  45. Mayor Jim Bouley Letter of Consent – Concord, NH
  46. Mayor Kate Gallego Letter of Consent – Phoenix, AZ
  47. Mayor Jonathan Rothschild Letter of Consent – Tucson, AZ
  48. Mayor Edward Terry Letter of Consent – Clarkston, GA
  49. Mayor William Reichelt Letter of Consent – West Springfield, MA
  50. City of Ypsilanti, MI – Council Resolution and Consent
  51. Olmsted County, MN  Letter of Consent
  52. Mayor Lyda Krewson Letter of Consent – St. Louis, MO
  53. Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin Letter of Consent – Raleigh, NC
  54. Cass County, ND – Letter of Consent
  55. Mayor Alvin Brandl Letter of Consent – Madison, NE
  56. Mayor Jim Donchess Letter of Consent – Nashua, NH
  57. Mayor Joyce Craig Letter of Consent – Manchester, NH
  58. Hamilton County, OH – Letter of Consent
  59. Montgomery County, OH – Letter of Consent
  60. Mayor Lucy Vinis Letter of Consent – Eugene, OR
  61. Mayor Christine Lundberg Letter of Consent – Springfield, OR
  62. Mayor Wayne Evans Letter of Consent – Scranton, PA
  63. Mayor Andy Berke Letter of Consent – Chattanooga, TN
  64. Cache County, UT – Letter of Consent
  65. Salt Lake County, UT – Letter of Consent
  66. Weber County, UT – Letter of Consent
  67. Fairfax County, VA – Letter of Consent
  68. Mayor Sherman Lea, Sr. Letter of Consent – Roanoke, VA
  69. Mayor Kelli Linville Letter of Consent – Bellingham, WA
  70. Pierce County, WA – Letter of Consent
  71. Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway Letter of Consent – Madison, WI
  72. Mayor Fischer Letter of Consent – Louisville, KY
  73. Mayor Kenneth Miyagishima Letter of Consent – Las Cruces, NM
  74. Mayor William Peduto Letter of Consent – Pittsburgh, PA
  75. Mayor Mark Behnke Letter of Consent – Battle Creek, MI
  76. Macomb County, MI – Letter of Consent
  77. Washtenaw County, MI – Consent Resolution
  78. Wayne County, MI – Letter of Consent
  79. Oakland County, MI – Letter of Consent
  80. Mayor David Berger Letter of Consent – Lima, OH
  81. Mayor Martin Walsh Letter of Consent – Boston, MA
  82. Mayor Joe Hogsett Letter of Consent – Indianapolis, IN
  83. Dallas County, TX – Letter of Consent
  84. Ingham County, MI – Consent Resolution
  85. Mayor Stephen C.N. Kepley Letter of Consent – Kentwood, MI
  86. Las Vegas, NV – Article on Consent
  87. Henderson, NV – Article on Consent
  88. Reno, NV – Article on Consent
  89. Wake County NC – Letter of Consent
  90. Buncombe County NC –  Letter of Consent
  91. Onondaga County, NY – Article on Consent
  92. Cook County, MN – Article on Consent
  93. Cumberland County, PA – Article on Consent
  94. Ramsey County, MN – Article on Consent
  95. Minnehaha County, SD – Article on Consent
  96.  Boulder County, CO – Article on Consent
  97. Grand Traverse County, MI – Article on Consent
  98. New Castle County, DE – Article on Consent
  99. Utah County, UT – Article on Consent
  100. Otter Tail County, MN – Article on Consent
  101. Twin Falls County, ID – Article on Consent
  102. Spokane County, WA – Article on Consent
  103. Dane County, WI – Press Release on Consent
  104. Boone County, MO – Article on Consent
  105. Mecklenburg County, NC – Article on Consent
  106. Tarrant County, TX – Article on Consent
  107. Bernalillo County, NM – Article on Consent
  108. North Shore County, MN – Article on Consent
  109. Barry County, MI – Article on Consent
  110. St. Joseph County, MI – Article on Consent
  111. Missoula County, MT – Article on Consent
I just did a quick scan of the list and am interested to see that there may be states where the governor has said YES, but no local community has acted.  Take New Jersey or Vermont for example—has any local government said yes?


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2 thoughts on “42 Governors and 100 Local Elected Bodies have said YES! to More Refugees

  1. CLIP: “So it seems to me that all refugees coming in should be directed to those 100 local communities …..” End of clip; The problem with this is that those immigrants placed in the above-mentioned locations is that they will metastasize to other areas around the towns taking them to other locations, just like most cancers do if left unchecked.
    Your RRW blog serves as a bellwether letting folks know what is happening now, stories of what we can expect if enough voices are not raised against it.
    Thank you, Ann

    1. Oh absolutely, yes they can move anywhere and are not tracked. However, when I say things like that I am trying to light a fire under citizens in those locations to get off their bottoms and speak up!

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