Special Afghan Refugees Still Arriving in US Says Resettlement Contractor

Although as you know by now the arrival of refugees has all but stopped due to travel restrictions put in place worldwide.

The UN halted refugee travel a few days ago and the US State Department has reported that no new refugees will arrive now before April 6th.

However, I have been on the hunt to find out if Special Immigrant Visas are still coming in and sure enough they are.

Thanks to a reader for spotting this e-mail from Lutheran Social Services National Capital Area:

Now check this out!  They want a piece of a House goody bag! You’ve been reading that Nancy and her Democrat pals are working on a massive giveaway that apparently the refugee contractors expect to benefit from!


I have been checking the data at Wrapsnet (Refugee Processing Center) and sure enough 211 Afghans (who receive all the benefits regular refugees are entitled to) arrived this week bringing the total for the month of March (3 weeks) to 660 from Afghanistan.

That brings the overall total to over 66,000 since FY2008 when this effort to bring Afghan ‘interpreters’ to American towns began.

Although there is no data readily available on where the 211 were placed in the last week, one might expect they were placed in the usual top sites—obviously in Virginia and Maryland as LSS reported in its e-mail.

In this fiscal year (FY2020) that began on October 1, 2019 these are the top five states that ‘welcomed’ Afghan interpreters and their relatives.

California (2,697)

Texas (1,280)

Virginia (730)

Maryland (510)

Washington (489)

So, as your travel is being restricted, planes are still in the air bringing Afghans here for American taxpayers to support!

And, btw, Afghanistan has COVID-19. Are the arriving special refugees being tested?

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7 thoughts on “Special Afghan Refugees Still Arriving in US Says Resettlement Contractor

    1. I wouldn’t say no one is doing anything about it, when you consider President Trump has reduced the annual number from 80,000 at its peak, to 18,000.

      Some of these Afghanistan folks are probably legit and did provide a service to American troops that put their lives in danger. I kind of doubt there were 66,000 in total, so far. If there were the many Afghans looking out for our troops, the place would be a garden picnic area and not a war zone.

      1. No they are not all interpreters, they bring their families with them, so the number is 66,000 plus. And, I am told they are not all interpreters who worked with troops, but others who worked for us or for non-governmental organizations in other capacities (janitors?). Some have been arrested here for their criminal activity.

        1. I’ve stated it before, but the US DOS employs a lot of locals (Foreign Service Nationals or FSN) in our embassies and consulates. It use to be the standard of fifteen years loyal service, before they and their immediate families received permanent residence visas to live in America.

          In my experience, the “loyal” part has fallen by the wayside. I encountered a good number of cases where the FSN employment history folders had reports of theft and treachery. They still received the visas.

          I have also arrested retired FSNs in America who were operating with their not yet retired counterparts to extort money from legitimate visa applicant families.

          I also witnessed the FSNs being given way too much freedom to access sensitive files, receive and sort the mail intended for the American Foreign Service Officers.

  1. I spoken to some “interpreters” In Nebraska DMV office waiting on driver licenses.
    They are in so much danger in their home countries that they risk their lives to go back and find a suitable wife because they can’t find i descent one in the states.
    Ps I used some sarcasm in post

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