Political refugee Dzhokhar Tsarnaev indicted on 30 counts in Boston Marathon bombing

Dzhokhar placing his bomb for Allah: This picture shows 8-year-old Martin Richard (circled in blue) moments before his death. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is circled in red. UK Telegraph Photo: reddit/MelGibsonDerp

Surely you saw the news yesterday from Boston, but I thought I should post it just to keep our archives up to date and to remind readers that the Tsarnaev family came to live in the US as political refugees.  We gave this murdering Jihadist the opportunity for a good life and he decided that pleasing Allah by killing innocent Americans was a more important goal for him.

Additionally, I consider the failure of Homeland Security to identify these terrorists in advance, with all their fancy surveillance techniques, to be a greater scandal than many being heaped on the Obama Administration at the moment.

Here is one of many similar reports, this story is at US News/NBCThe evil US made him do it.  I checked several stories to see if they mentioned the fact that we gave his family asylum and they had been living off the generosity of the US taxpayer and didn’t see a thing.  NBC does mention the shooting practice in Manchester, NH (home of fellow Chechen “refugees”).

Tsarnaev can get life in prison or the death penalty, it’s up to Eric Holder.

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