Albanian ‘refugee’ racketeers busted in Philly

Diversity is strength alert for Saturday, August 24th!

Our unofficial crime reporter, ‘pungentpeppers’ has sent us another refugee crime story (yesterday it was this one from Dayton, OH) and today it’s ‘Feds charge 9 in loan-sharking, gambling operation’ (seven of the nine are Albanians who arrived in the Philadelphia area in the late 1990s).  

Gee, I wonder if they could have been on that 1999 airlift—the one where the Clinton Administration brought in thousands of ‘refugees’ to South Jersey, including Albanians, that was the subject of this National War College Report?

And, remember the terror plotters known as the Ft. Dix Six—the group had Albanian members.  One of them knew the military base because his father ran a pizza parlor in a South Jersey suburb of Philly.  When you read the FBI report on the bust yesterday, note the pizza connection!  One of the would-be Muslim terrorists had arrived at Ft. Dix as a refugee several years earlier.

Here is how I began my 2010 airlift post:

I just came across this report from the National War College about how the volags (supposedly voluntary agencies but really federal contractors*) were basically in need of warm bodies to resettle (for $$$) in the US in 1999 so they pushed Gore and the National Security Council to go against professionals in the State Department and even against the wishes of the UN and airlifted tens of thousands of Kosovar “refugees” to the US during Bill Clinton’s phony baloney Bosnian War.

I was going to give you some more links on those lovely Albanian refugees, but realize we have too many!  So, before, or after, you read today’s news you might want to review our Albanian archives.  One of the most recent stories we have on Albanians was about the dog rapist, here.

Back to today’s news.  ‘Pungentpeppers’ sent us the FBI press release from yesterday which begins with this:

WASHINGTON—An indictment was unsealed today charging nine people in a loan sharking and illegal gambling ring allegedly run out of several Philadelphia businesses.

The charges were announced today by Acting Assistant Attorney General Mythili Raman of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division, U.S. Attorney Zane David Memeger of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, and Edward J. Hanko, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Philadelphia Division.

Ylli Gjeli, 48; Fatimir Mustafaraj, 41; George Markakis, 43; Gezim Asllani, 34; Rezart Rahmi Telushi, 40; Eneo Jahaj, 26; and Ardit Pone, 35, all of Philadelphia; Erion Murataj, 35, of Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania; and Brian Jackson, 35, of Harleysville, Pennsylvania, were arrested this morning. The defendants are named in an indictment charging racketeering conspiracy, racketeering collection of unlawful debt, making extortionate extensions of credit, collections of extensions of credit by extortionate means, operating an illegal gambling business, and possession of a firearm in furtherance of a crime of violence.

Read it all, it is very detailed.

Then this is from the Philadelphia Inquirer story:

Pizza parlor loan-sharking and gambling headquarters in Philadelphia.

Nine members of an Albanian-run gang from Northeast Philadelphia that specialized in loan-sharking and illegal gambling – backed by intimidation with a gun and a hatchet – were arrested Friday morning, federal officials said.

Only the alleged ringleader, Ylli Gjeli, had a lawyer present when those arrested appeared in Federal Court yesterday.  The Inquirer mentioned this amusing (sort of) exchange between the US Attorney and Gjeli’s attorney:

The only defendant with a lawyer present was Gjeli. Before the judge appeared, the lawyer, David Glassman, asked Assistant U.S. Attorney Salvatore Astolfi about various aspects of the case.

“No human trafficking, right?” Glassman asked.

“Right. You want us to add it?” Astolfi responded.

“Oh, no, no,” Glassman said.

Hmmmm?  Human trafficking possibly going on along with the pizza delivery business?  I wouldn’t be surprised.

See also, the FoxNews coverage here.

The open borders pushers keep telling us about how refugees/immigrants bring an entrepreneurial spirit to America and add to our economy because they open small businesses.  Every time I see a story like this one, I wonder if this is what they are talking about!

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