Is Putin making up a refugee ‘crisis’ in Ukraine?

Putin must save the Ukrainian refugees!

Russian news outlets have been reporting that there are hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians who have sought asylum in Russia over the last two months.

They say 140,000 have crossed the border into mother Russia for protection in the last two weeks.

Russian President Putin sure does know how “refugees” on the move can ring the medias’ bells.  He knows the drill!  Just follow the news on Syrian refugees to know what I mean!

But, it seems not to be working this time.

Here is the story from the Huffington Post:

News stories emanating from Russian state media this past week raise a serious question. Is Russia creating a fake refugee crisis in the Ukraine to justify its military intervention in the region?

No one has actually seen the refugees.  Read it all.  I have no time for more this morning.

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