Another mosque fire in Sweden—the land that hands out welfare goodies and loves diversity

We reported on a previous arson fire involving a Swedish mosque, here a few days ago. (Update: Not so fast, more investigations fail to prove arson, here.)  I do hope we learn who is ultimately responsible because I have become so cynical that I think there is a chance that either other Muslims with grudges (Muslims like using fire for revenge!) are responsible, or that the fires are intentional to enhance the victim status of Muslims in Western countries for propaganda purposes.

If it turns out to be local Swedes striking the matches because of anger over immigration policy, then civil war is closer than I thought.

The latest mosque experiencing an arson attack is located in Eslöv, in the south of Sweden where diversity is blooming according to this informative website which proudly declares:

Apart from Swedish, some of the major languages are: Albanian, Arabic, Bosnia, Croatian, Serbian, Dari, English, Sorani, Kurmanji, Persian, Somali, Thai and Tigrinya.

From The Local (hat tip: ‘Pungentpeppers’):

UPDATED: Police suspect a mosque in southern Sweden was deliberately torched on Monday, with a local imam blaming rising Islamophobia in the region.

Imam Samir Muric fears for his safety. But, if you were so afraid would you allow a news outlet to take and publish your photo?

Emergency services were called to the mosque in Eslöv, a small city in the south of the country, at around 3.15am on Monday.

It is understood that the blaze began after flammable liquid caught fire in one of the rooms in the building.

Firefighters quickly arrived at the scene and were able to prevent the fire spreading, although the flames still caused minor damage to the building. Firefighters suspect foul play.

“There is no possible natural explanation for this type of fire to break out by itself”, fire department spokesman Gustaf Sandell told Sveriges Radio.

Samir Muric, the local imam, said he was worried for his own safety. [What is Muric’s ethnicity? Sunni? Shia? Maybe this is an Islam on Islam crime? Why is that information never reported?—ed]

“Unfortunately, this is probably something to do with Islamophobia. I live close by and it’s beginning to feel unsafe,” he told the TT news agency.

You have to laugh because the Leftists in the media immediately link the arson story to the rise of the political right in Sweden:

Mosques in Sweden have been subject to growing numbers of attacks in recent months.

The fire comes less than a week after several people were hurt in a separate fire at a mosque in Eskilstuna in central Sweden on Christmas Day. Police say they are unable to confirm whether the blaze there was started on purpose.

Sweden, known for tolerance and refugee-friendly policies, saw a nationalist right party, the Sweden Democrats, become the third-largest force in parliament in legislative elections in September and reports of race-related violence are on the rise in the country.   [No mention of the race-related violence being perpetrated by Muslim youths!—ed]

In early December, the party brought down the government after less than three months by refusing to back its budget proposal in parliament.

On Saturday the government announced it had reached a deal with the opposition that will enable it to remain in power and to avert the country’s first snap elections in more than half a century, but the far right has threatened to hold a no-confidence vote.

See our extensive archive on Sweden here (my bet for the first country to collapse under the economic burden of “welcoming” the mostly Muslim migrants from the Middle East and Africa).

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