In “culturally diverse” Amarillo: Somali refugee drives vehicle into building attempting to run people down

The timing of this story couldn’t be more stunning.  Just as the Associated Press (yesterday!) was trying to make us feel all warm and “welcoming” toward the diverse ethnic groups the US State Department is dropping off in Texas, ‘Pungentpeppers’ spotted this news.

Jaba Mohamed Abdi brought some multicultural enrichment to Texas.

Get this Amarillo!   As you bend over backwards to help refugees with your tax dollars, and the meatpackers get their cheap/captive laborers, you get the joys of cultural diversity.  Wow!  What a trade-off!

Amarillo”where subtle aspects of far-away cultures have taken root.”

From Connect Amarillo (emphasis is mine):

AMARILLO, TEXAS — The man accused of intentionally crashing into an east Amarillo bar early Monday morning has now been arrested, according to police.

Twenty-five-year-old Jaba Mohamed Abdi, police said, is also accused of trying to hit people with the vehicle.

Officers were called to the bar in the 6000-block of Amarillo Boulevard East just before 1 a.m. That’s near Eastern Street off the Boulevard.

An employee of the bar told police a man, later identified as being Abdi, tried to run him over before intentionally striking the building with the vehicle.

Police said Abdi had earlier been inside the bar but was asked to leave because he was reportedly being disruptive and was causing problems with other patrons. Abdi was escorted out of the bar but he managed to get back inside. At one point, police said, Abdi changed clothes so he could re-enter the bar.

Abdi was eventually escorted out of the bar again with employees standing guard to make sure he did not re-enter. One of the employees was watching Abdi as he got into a newer-model grey SUV. He, according to police, backed out of his parking spot and struck a concrete pillar in the parking lot.

Police said Abdi was then accused of revving the engine “as to intimidate the employee.” Abdi, police said, drove straight at the employee who was standing next to the exit doors. The employee pushed people of the way and dove out of the way of the vehicle, police said.

The vehicle crashed into the building and caused significant damage to the outside wall. Police said Abdi backed up and drove away.

As police were speaking with the bar employee, a vehicle matching the description of a grey SUV drove westbound in Amarillo Boulevard by the bar. Police stopped the vehicle, a grey Nissan Murano in the 5300-block of Amarillo Boulevard.

The man inside, Abdi, was detained as officers investigated. The Nissan had damage to its front end with red/maroon transfer paint on it. The pain matched the color of the damaged building, police said.

The employee identified the driver as being the one accused of driving into the building.

Abdi was taken to a local hospital to be treated for injuries. While at the hospital, police said Abdi became more disruptive and actively resisted officers who were placing him in a treatment room.

When the propagandists at Welcoming America’ promote their reports about the economic boom times that refugees bring to clueless cities, I bet there is nothing in them about the cost involved with the criminal justice system!

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