Denmark: How its Muslim immigrants are destroying the country (economically and culturally)

This is an indepth article at the Gatestone Institute which has been doing a lot of reporting on the Muslim immigration crisis gripping Europe.

This is one more in our ‘Invasion of Europe’ series, but it is more than that—see important parallels for America!


A warning from reporters Ingrid Carlqvist and Lars Hedegaard on Denmark’s Open Door!  Again, from ‘Pungentpeppers’ who is making sure I don’t get away from the computer this morning!***

Yes, there are no-go-zones, and yes, the Imams control the Muslim population…..

Here is just one bit about that:

…you will hardly ever hear a Muslim –­ whether first, second or third generation — ­express the slightest gratitude for all that hard-working Danish taxpayers have given them. Quite the contrary. When Muslims sound off in the media, it is usually in order to complain about the horrible way they are being treated. They are being harassed, excluded, mocked and offended by the natives. The original inhabitants turn their backs on them. That is often true, but is at least partly explained by the fact that Muslims prefer to live in confined areas (in Denmark they are known as ghettoes) with each other, where they can practice sharia law, keep control of their women and where outsiders are not welcome.

Then here is a section that sounds oh-so-familiar.   We have often, on these pages, used the phrase “Humanitarian Industrial-Complex.”

“The Immigration-Industrial Complex”

Another group with a vested interest in both further mass immigration and non-integration and is what may be labeled “The Immigration-Industrial Complex.” We are talking about the vast number of public employees and officers of semi-private humanitarian organizations who make a living out of receiving, caring for and integrating foreigners. If they were to succeed, or if the stream of asylum seekers were to dry up, they would be out of a job.

As a prerequisite of its work, the Immigration-Industrial Complex strives to spread a sense of guilt. This endeavor is mightily supported by a great number of journalists and so-called “experts,” who have made a career out of accusing their fellow Danes of racism, “Islamophobia” and xenophobia. We are so rich, they claim, and yet we will not take responsibility for the plight of billions of our persecuted and poverty-stricken fellow men around the world.

Exactly how Danes — and other Europeans who have never hurt a fly — have incurred this burden is never explained. Nor would this sort of self-flagellation carry weight anywhere outside the West. But here it works wonderfully.

As Amir Taheri, former chief editor of Tehran’s biggest newspaper, explained at a conference in Copenhagen some years ago: If you want to integrate newcomers, you have to get rid of people who make a living out of integrating them.

Read it all!

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