Ohio GOP Chair: We Want Refugee Workers in Ohio

John Binder does excellent work on the immigration/refugee beat for Breitbart and this is one post I missed (lost in my overflowing e-mail inbox).

Thanks to reader Robert for bringing it to my attention.

More confirmation that we aren’t only dealing with liberal Open Borders types on immigration, but must battle Chamber of Commerce Republicans who are shilling for businesses looking to make money off of the immigrant population either as cheap labor or consumers.

As one of my readers once quipped—refugees buy used cars.


Ohio GOP Chair Defends Republicans Importing Refugees to Fill U.S. Jobs

Chairwoman of the Ohio Republican Party, Jane Timken, is defending Republican governors like Ohio’s Mike DeWine for asking the federal government to continue resettling refugees in their states.


Coupled with the refugee reduction, Trump signed an executive order that gives localities, counties, and states veto power over whether they want to resettle refugees in their communities.

DeWine, along with 18 other Republican governors, announced he would continue allowing refugee contractors to resettle refugees in Ohio — a decision that Timken is now defending using widely circulated talking points, which Breitbart News exclusively reported.

Here are the 19 Republican governors who thumbed their noses at President Trump and said—send us more impoverished people willing to work for low wages and for our taxpayers to support!

An orange X indicates those who quickly dissed the Prez, and the pink X marks the second wave of Republican governors who told Trump they want more refugees. Of course Governor Abbott of Texas is the only governor to say NO (so far).


Binder continues:

In a statement to Ohio Republicans, Timken said she is “supportive of Governor DeWine’s decision” to bring more refugees to Ohio, declaring without evidence that the refugee vetting process has been fixed and thus previous national security concerns are no longer valid:

“Accusations that the federal government is letting dangerous individuals into the country through poor vetting are no longer accurate. President Trump’s administration approves every refugee resettled into Ohio, and the process is now very stringent. We can now be confident in how the federal government is vetting refugees.”

Vetting is only one issue, what about Ohioans who need jobs?

Does the President know she opposes his refugee reform effort?


Like so many other state officials she doesn’t know how the program works.

We get a lot of Chinese asylum seekers (who get across our borders without any vetting and then apply for asylum), but vetted Chinese refugees are rare.

Timken also said refugees arriving in the U.S. today “are truly victims of oppression,” citing that “an example of someone who would be able to seek refugee status would be a Christian in China who is being persecuted by the Chinese government for her religious beliefs.”

That example, though, is not indicative of the refugees who are often resettled in Ohio. Since Trump’s inauguration in 2017, only 18 refugees from China have been admitted to the U.S. and none have been resettled in Ohio.

Ohio, since 2017, has resettled nearly 4,500 refugees in areas like Cleveland Heights, Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati. The majority of these refugees have arrived from Bhutan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, Iraq, Somalia, Syria, and Ukraine.


Today, there are more than 242,600 unemployed Ohioans — indicating that Ohio has the sixth-largest unemployed state population in the U.S. just behind Pennsylvania with an unemployed population of about 293,000. Likewise, Ohio’s unemployment rate of 4.2 percent remains above the national average.

Much more here.

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  1. Well, that solves the question of how to respond to any request from the Ohio GOP for a contribution. NOT needed. My husband, who only moderately approves of my political positions, will be delighted that Ohio is no longer on my try-to-help-them list.

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