Connecticut: Congolese Refugee Sentenced to 45 Years for Brutal Murder of Niece

Diversity is strength alert! NOT!

I don’t know how I could have missed this dreadful murder case!

The crime happened in 2018, but on Friday Richard Segabiro, a refugee from the Congo who has been in the US since 2005, was sentenced to spend what really amounts to the rest of his life behind bars being taken care of with your tax dollars.

Richard Segabiro raped and brutally “butchered” his niece.

Your tax dollars also paid to bring him here almost 15 years ago, and will likely now help support his family in Connecticut.  So much for robust screening and for the idea that refugees benefit America.

The sentencing, which happened on Friday, was delayed last month when it was revealed in court that the teen victim’s mother was still alive in the Congo which begs the question, how much investigating went on back in Africa before the whole bunch was admitted to the US?

Segabiro’s attorney had argued that he suffered from PTSD from his years in wartorn Congo.  (Mental health care needed for refugees, something rarely discussed!)

NBC New York:

Conn. Man Sentenced to 45 Years for Killing Teen Niece

Read it yourself.

Here is the story from last month about how the sentencing had been delayed. From the Connecticut Post:

Convicted killer’s sentencing halted after claim victim’s mother may be alive


BRIDGEPORT — A convicted killer facing nearly half a century behind bars got a sentencing stay Friday after the sudden announcement that the mother of the young murder victim, once believed dead, may in fact be alive and hiding in the jungles of Congo.

“I am very cautious that I should not go forward (with the sentencing) because of the possibility the mother is alive,” said Superior Court Judge Joan Alexander. “I would like the opportunity to give the mother a chance to make an impact statement.”

Francine Nyanzaninka was described by her school principal as a beloved school leader.

Richard Segabiro is facing 45 years in prison for butchering his 15-year-old niece, Francine Nyanzaninka, with a multi-tool in the bathroom of their Fairfield Avenue apartment in February 2018.

Segabiro, his lawyer, Public Defender Joseph Bruckmann, and state prosecutors had all believed the girl’s mother had been killed along with the rest of her immediate family by Congolese rebels.

But as the sentencing hearing began, Segabiro’s wife suddenly stood up in the back of the courtroom and called out in her native Swahili that not only was the girl’s mother alive but she had spoken to her by telephone.

A Swahili interpreter told the judge Segabiro’s wife told him she had located Nyanzaninka’s mother, her sister, in the Congo and briefly spoke to her on the phone. She said the call was brief because of the isolated location but she intended to call her again to get her opinion about the sentencing.

They have been here for 15 years and still can’t speak English? CT taxpayers are paying for the interpreter!

Now here is what I missed in 2018.

Again, from the Connecticut Post:

Refugee pleads guilty to fatally stabbing niece


BRIDGEPORT — Standing on his porch, soaked in his teenaged niece’s blood, Richard Segabiro told police he stabbed the girl to death because he has Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome as a result of his escape from war-torn Congo.  [Sounds like he had his excuse ready!—ed]

But an autopsy showed the 15-year-old girl had been sexually assaulted by Segabiro.  [Was it the first time? Or, is it possible she finally stood up to him?—ed]

“The state would not be able to prove whether that occurred post mortem or prior to the murder,” Senior Assistant State’s Attorney David Applegate said in court Wednesday.


Segabiro had fled tribal violence in the Congo with his wife, three young children and his niece, Francine Nyanzanika in 2005, settling in a second-floor apartment on Fairfield Avenue here with the help of a refugee agency.   [The media never names the refugee agency, but here are eight listed in CTed]

Shortly after 11 p.m. on Feb. 19, 2018, 911 operators received a call from Segabiro that he had just killed someone.

Police said when they arrived at the home, they found Segabiro standing on the porch, covered in blood. They said he told them he had just killed his daughter because he had PTSD and believed she was trying to poison him.

Applegate said police found the girl lying in a pool of blood on the bathroom floor. He said she had killed by a sharp object and nearly decapitated.

By the way, these are apparently ‘Christian’ refugees so the next time you say we should bring only Christian refugees to the US, think about this case.

Shock! Not all Christians are good people!

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2 thoughts on “Connecticut: Congolese Refugee Sentenced to 45 Years for Brutal Murder of Niece

  1. Religion in this case has nothing to do with it. IT is their tribal culture of lawlessness and primitive society where women mean nothing. And the liberals think we can save them by bringing them here and giving them an orderly life and we will all be one big happy family. Meanwhile innocent people die. But I guess it still serves their purposes. Terribly sad but alas this news is not shown in Democrat circles.

    Our small (formerly quiet)town has another murder involving a refugee only this time the refugee is the
    victim (Congolese). The last refugee murder was in 2014 by a Burmese christian.

  2. Dear Miss Ann Corcoran,
    Hoping not to distract from the horror of your report. But one point you made struck me instantly with a refugee memory quite close to my heart: that of my precious Grandma Garula, my Mom’s mother who fled with her family as a teenager from Poland (I will turn 72 myself in just a few days, so you can tell how long ago that fleeing was).
    On our eastern shores a she met a young man who had fled with his own family from Ukraine, and they married, and had 12 children, my Mom being the youngest girl. My mother married and had 9 children, me being the oldest girl, and I married and had 7 children and now have 29 grandchildren.
    All of us, in all those generations I’ve mentioned, spoke and speak fluent English. Except my Grandma Garula; all her life she only and almost exclusively still spoke Polish. I met her once when I was 5, and once again a bit before her death, when we made the trip east to visit her with my first-born child.
    My own mother, having transplanted to her husband’s Minneapolis after he returned from WWII, she having met him while working in Washington D.C. as he was preparing to leave on a Navy tugboat to fight in the Invasion of Normandy –my mother, all her life until her Mom died, wrote to her once a week –in Polish! In the later years, my mother no longer could remember how to speak Polish, but she could still could write it.
    I know it was a different world back then, with a large family to care for, herself being shy and burying herself in her home, and there being no computers, cell phones, TV, and only the beginnings of telephones and radio.
    I wonder why this awfully-brought-up man did not speak English, nor his wife, though…..

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