Joggers roughed-up by Somali gang on Minnesota trail

The Fridley Trail, in a quiet suburb of the Twin Cities, is an unlikely place to run across a Somali gang so say officials hoping to downplay the incident.

Perhaps a case of ‘sudden jihad syndrome?’

A Balaclava—the latest Muslim fashion trend, demonstrated by a non-threatening white guy.

Here is the story from CBS Minnesota (hat tip: Ed):

FRIDLEY, Minn. (WCCO) – In broad daylight, and within full view of a busy stretch of East River Road, a group of seven young men struck two joggers totally at random.

The joggers were out for a Sunday run near East River Road and 37th Avenue North when each one was suddenly and viciously punched by the group.

Lt. Mike Monsrud, of Fridley Police, says attacks like these are rare.

The victims said their attackers demanded no money and said few words before striking. [What words? Inquiring minds want to know!—ed]  The attacks, according to Monsrud, appear to be unprovoked.

One of those attacked was Hispanic (they are infidels too!)

The jogging trail follows along the Mississippi River and connects to the nearby Anoka County Riverfront Park. That’s where Carlos Rodriguez comes to get in some exercise and play with his kids.

But to Rodriguez, the safety of the park and its trails is now in question.

Identified as Somalis, one wore a balaclava:

Police say this is the first incident of this nature that’s been reported along the jogging path. Authorities said the suspects are described as a group of six to seven Somali men that were traveling together — one wearing a hooded sweatshirt and another who was wearing a balaclava around his neck.

This reminds me of the 2009 story we had from Minneapolis where Somali “youths” were randomly attacking bikers and kids, here.  Maybe those marauding youths have grown up and spread out to the suburbs?

For new readers:  We have resettled more than 100,000 Somali refugees to cities large and small in the US over the last 25 years.  See one of the most widely read posts here at RRW.  Large numbers went to Minneapolis, and now they are spreading out throughout the state.  In three years since 9/11 ( Bush years 2004, 2005, 2006) the number of Somalis arriving topped 10,000 per year.

Those refugees then began bringing in the family (chain migration!) until 2008 when shock of shocks! the State Department discovered that as many as 30,000 Somalis had lied about their kinship and weren’t related at all.  The State Department then closed the “family reunification” program for Somalis.  It has recently been re-opened for new and legit family members, but they have no intention of finding and deporting the liars.

Fiscal year 2013 is shaping up to approach those three Bush years in the number of Somalis arriving in the US through refugee resettlement.

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