Mexican newspaper claims 260% jump in number of asylum requests in US

Here is Breitbart:

A report from the Mexican newspaper El Universal states that the number of asylum claims by Mexican nationals in fiscal year 2013 so far has jumped 260% over the entire year of 2012. This provides another confirmation of the story about the flood of Mexican asylum claims that Breitbart News broke nationally two weeks ago.

Why is this happening?


The increases seem to come from both heavier drug cartel violence and a change in policy by the Obama administration…The new Obama policy sets asylum claimants free on their own recognizance by default.

….and, coaching by open borders advocates and lawyers!

Our previous coverage of this scam is here and here.

For new readers:  “Refugees” are supposedly persecuted people that the UN and the State Department select abroad and fly to the US and resettle in your cities with the help of the refugee contractors.   They are legally allowed to access welfare and are financially supported largely by you, the taxpayer.

“Asylum-seekers” get here on their own steam and then claim to be persecuted for their political beliefs, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation (nothing about fear of crime in a country that should be able to protect its own people) and must prove they are persecuted to become “asylees” who are then also eligible for certain social services.  The Boston Bomber family had been granted asylum.

Mexicans who get in now using this asylum claim won’t be granted asylum, but that doesn’t matter, they are in now (feet firmly planted in the US) and ready to reap the benefits of the hoped-for amnesty coming from Republicans and Obama.

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