Brooklyn culture clash and settling scores the Middle Eastern way with arson

A Syrian immigrant has been arrested and charged with arson (the poor man’s WMD), accused of hiring a thug (a dumb thug!) to get even with neighbors who complained about his buses clogging their gentrifying neighborhood.

Just another of those hardworking immigrant ‘entrepreneurs’ for our multi-culty neighborhoods “Abdul” Mouna.

Since Syrians are so much in the news, reader ‘pungentpeppers’ sent along yet another immigrant entrepreneur crime story.

As usual, there is no mention of how, through what legal immigration loophole, Syrian immigrant, Abderraham “Abdul” Mouna, came to be running a bus business in New York.  Was he an asylee, did he come through one of our many investor visa programs, did a relative get him in?  Those are the sorts of questions mainstream reporters never seem to ask.

We are still looking for someone to create one internet site to gather all of the immigrant crime stories that come our way—until then we will post some crime stories here.   LOL! we like to provide balance to the usually mushy immigrant stories the mainstream media feeds us—you know like the immigrant-sees-first-snow stories!

From DNAinfo:

GOWANUS — A long-simmering dispute over idling buses on a quiet Gowanus block sparked a conflict that led to arson, authorities say.

The FDNY this week announced the arrests of Abderraham “Abdul” Mouna and Jose “Pancho” Andujar in connection with a May 8, 2013, arson.

Fire Marshal investigators say the two men conspired to set the blaze to retaliate against neighbors who complained that Mouna’s charter bus company left coaches idling for hours and parked illegally on the street. The target of the arson was a business owned by one of the people who complained.


The building owner did not want to comment this week for fear of retaliation, but according to a criminal complaint filed with the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office, a rock was tossed through a plate glass window on the building’s first floor, then liquid accelerant was squeezed through the hole, followed by a book of matches and a lit cigarette.

The fire quickly went out, leaving only a scorched floor and no injuries, but locals were shocked.

They immediately suspected Mouna, neighbors told DNAinfo. He had been running his charter bus company on the block since about 2006 and had clashed with neighbors for years, said locals, who didn’t want to be named.

At first, the 53-year-old Syrian immigrant seemed to be a hardworking small business owner struggling to get by, residents said.

But, then things started to go wrong!  Read it all!

I have to laugh a little.  I’m betting many in this Brooklyn neighborhood are the kind of folks who would speak eloquently about how diversity is beautiful, just not in this case and in their neighborhood!

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