Comment worth noting: Reader reports on Minneapolis Somali fire

Explosion/fire in Little Mogadishu (Minneapolis) on New Years Day 2014

I asked in a comment yesterday to our Brooklyn arson post if anyone knew what was happening with the Minneapolis Somali explosion/fire investigation.

Reader ‘Jewel’ sent us a recap from last week at Gates of Vienna where blogger Baron Bodissey said the following in response to reports that the fire was still “under investigation”:

I’ve been following the news of this incident since shortly after the explosion, and I’m forced to conclude that some or all of the following crimes were committed, and are still being committed. There may be others; I’m not a legal expert:

Official malfeasance
Dereliction of duty
Obstruction of justice
Destruction of evidence
Misprision of multiple felonies

It’s hard to determine who might be guilty of these offenses, but the list of suspects moves beyond Minneapolis city officials and up into the rarefied region inhabited by agencies of the federal government, including the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI.

These crimes were committed regardless of what caused the explosion. Even if the cause of the fire was a natural gas leak, or a malfunctioning propane heater, or an exploding can of deodorant, justice was obstructed and evidence was destroyed. There was a blatant attempt to deflect any meaningful investigation of what did cause the explosion, and the destruction of the relevant evidence ensures that the cause of the fire will never be determined with any certainty.

Bodissey’s must-read post is fittingly titled, “Ember Days”.

All of our previous coverage is here.  Why so many Somalis in Minneapolis?  Go here.  Thank the US State Department and its Catholic, Lutheran and Evangelical (World Relief) resettlement contractors.

Henceforth I think I will be looking on any fire involving Middle Easterners or African Muslims as suspicious.

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