Bulgaria: Work on border fence with Turkey begun

Bulgaria cannot handle invasion, builds a fence.

More news on the invasion of Europe

I thought construction had begun awhile ago, but here is a report from the Turkish Press that tells us work just started on the barbed wire barrier last Wednesday along the border with Turkey.

As we have reported in many posts in recent months, Bulgaria is being over-run by Muslim migrants, the largest group has traveled across Turkey from Syria.

Turkish Press:

SOFIA, Bulgaria – Bulgaria began on Wednesday building a fence on its border with Turkey to end illegal border crossings into the country.

The idea of building of a 30-kilometer (18 mile) wire fence has gained traction since late last year due to the government’s concerns over the Syrian refugee influx.

A recent activity report released by Bulgaria’s Defense Ministry said 87 military personnel began to put the wire fence on parts of the 30 km long route that was cleared and prepared for the building work.

The Bulgarian Socialist Party government in late 2013 ordered works for the fence in the mountainous region of Elhovo on the Turkish border, one of the areas that are the most prone to illegal crossings.


The project has caused controversy in the country and tension between Bulgaria’s Defense Ministry and Interior Ministry over the government budget allocated for it.

UN chastises Bulgaria for trying to protect itself!

The project has also drawn criticism from the European Union and the United Nations in that it would be considered a measure for limiting the access of refugees to Bulgaria, which violates international law on refugees.

“Introducing barriers, like fences or other deterrents, may lead people to undertake more dangerous crossings and further place refugees at the mercy of smugglers,” said Adrian Edwards, spokesperson for the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in November.

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***Update***  NGOs nagging Czech government to take some of Bulgaria’s Syrian “refugees,” here.

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