Is Albany, NY Rep. Paul Tonko welcoming the “children?” Sure sounds like it!

Update:  Tonko’s Republican challenger is making the issue a campaign issue, see the story here.

He sure isn’t criticizing the idea of bringing hundreds of illegal alien teenagers to Albany.  Does he think like Obama that America needs the “dreamer” kids?  Story hat tip: Laurence.

Rep. Tonko: Strengthen NY communities by bringing in hundreds of Central American teenaged boys?

Meanwhile we note that another federal refugee contractor*** has its hand in the federal till!

From NBC

According to Paul Tonko, the Department of Health and Human Service is looking at many places across the country to house the children that cross the border without adults. There are a few places benig reviewed to house the children One of which, is the old Doane Stuart School building, located on Southern Boulevard in Albany.


“Initial reaction is that these children are escaping violence because of humanitarian efforts of this nation which I think has been our hallmark, to be humanitarian in response to, in this case, children,” said Tonko.


Tonko says other sites in New York State are also being investigated. However, he stresses funding will come from the federal level and not come from the state.  [Yeh right! No cost to the state!—ed]

Previously most federal contracts for caring for the “unaccompanied minors” went to the US Conference of Catholic Bishops and to the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service.  Recently we saw that Church World Service is in on the action and now we see USCRIs (US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants) hand in the federal till too!

All of the contractors were lobbying for ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ (S.744) so as to obtain more immigrant ‘clients’ and thus federal grants, but since they aren’t getting that windfall, they will get this one!

NBC continued:

Stacie Blake, with the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants says the main concern is safe place to put the children with access to immigration hearings and an airport.

Something her office knows a lot about.

“Our interest is seeing and hearing these interests upheld because we are learning of these very disturbing reports off these most vulnerable children,” she said.

Upstate New York appears to be a prime target for relocating the “children” away from the border.

All of our coverage of “unaccompanied minors”, going back years, is archived here.

***The contractors (remember some, maybe all by now! are being paid by you to take care of the illegal alien “children!”)


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