Maryland site being considered as refugee camp for unaccompanied minors

Update:  Just got word that this MD site has been rejected—where else might they go in MD?  Ask your local government if they have gotten a letter!

Maryland’s only Republican Congressman is on record opposing the choice.  And, LOL! knowing those Carroll County Tea Party-type activists there will be one hell-u-va protest if the feds go forward with this one!  There is a lot of pent-up anger here in Maryland!

Vacant Army Reserve facility in Westminster, MD

Here is the news at WBAL.TV:

WESTMINSTER, Md. —The Obama administration is eyeing a vacant Army reserve facility in Westminster as a possible shelter for illegal immigrant children, and it’s meeting strong opposition from local officials and at least one member of Congress.

There were no demonstrations yet in Westminster, but the opposition is just as strong as elsewhere in the country. Elected officials in Carroll County vehemently oppose using a vacant Army reserve building on Malcolm Drive to house the children, even temporarily. The Department of Health and Human Services would handle the operation.

“I don’t think it’s the right place. I don’t think it’s the right time. The bottom line is the community doesn’t want it. The representatives in Congress don’t want it the Department of Health and Human Services shouldn’t be looking at it,” said U.S. Rep. Andy Harris, R-District 1.

Harris said if the Obama administration ignores the local opposition, he’s prepared to use his position on the House Appropriations Committee to stop the proposal from going further.

Wouldn’t this make the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service happy, happy, happy, since they are headquartered in Maryland and they are being paid to take care of the “children.”

Unfortunately, word is spreading that some of the latest wave of illegal migrants (now being called “refugees”) are already in “welcoming” Maryland.

Go here for the ever-expanding archive on the ‘unaccompanied minors’ invasion of America.


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