Fun with numbers! How many Syrian refugees have come to the US in FY2015 so far?

Once again readers pushed this post through the roof yesterday (What! you were spending your holiday reading about Syrian refugees coming to your cities?).

Recently I came across this very cool data base maintained at the Refugee Processing Center (a US State Department data collection center).   I just tried it for Syrian refugees who entered the US from October 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014 (that is three months of the fiscal year that ends September 30th, 2015).

The number is still small (164) so if the State Department plans to get to 9,000-10,000 (mostly Muslims by the way) by September 30th, they will soon be opening the spigot pretty wide.  Also, it is possible that all December arrivals are not yet entered in the data base.

Right now the top three states “welcoming” Syrian refugees are Texas, North Carolina (they are really working hard to transform NC!), and Illinois.

Here are the numbers (just refugees, not asylum seekers or any others who found another way into the US):


Oakland (4)

San Diego (1)


Jacksonville (6)


Atlanta (3)


Boise (8)


Chicago (14)

Wheaton (3)


Indianapolis (12)


Baltimore (7)


Beverly (2)

West Springfield (6)

Worcester (1)


Ann Arbor (4)

New Jersey:

Elizabeth (5)

New Mexico:

Albuquerque (6)

North Carolina:

Greensboro (10)

High Point (8)


Erie (7)

Harrisburg (6)


Memphis (4)

Nashville (1)


Austin (1)

Dallas (5)

Houston (7)


Salt Lake City (5)


Seattle (5)

Spokane (7)

Go to the data base now and have some fun!  Check out nationalities who came to your city over a given time period.  The data is available back to 2002.

Endnote: I hope those single Syrians arriving in some cities aren’t single young men!

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