A great honor has come my way! Called out AGAIN by Right Wing Watch

Here (below) is what they say about me, and they got it right!  They quoted me accurately and by snipping the interview, they made me sound more articulate!
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“Obama is changing America by changing the people!”

Although they mean to jeer about what I say, I am so thrilled to have this information get out to an even wider circle.  Thank you Right Wing Watch!

 Thank you Miranda Blue!

(By the way, I see my little youtube is now at almost 1.7 million views! Ms. Blue will you help it reach 2 million people!)

Update August 2020!  Wow! Haven’t looked back but that video is now over 3.6 million views!

Here is Right Wing Watch (emphasis is mine):

Ann Corcoran, the head of Refugee Resettlement Watch and the leading voice against efforts to settle refugees in the United States, warned last month that President Obama is using Syrian refugees as part of his plot to “diversify every town in America” as he goes about “changing America by changing the people, literally.”

Corcoran, who has previously warned that refugee resettlement is being used to “rub diversity in the noses of conservative communities” and push “the whole multicultural meme,” told the Center for Security Policy’s Frank Gaffney on his “Secure Freedom Radio” program, “There’s going to be a demographic examination of your town to see how diverse you are, and you will be rewarded if you’re sufficiently diverse and you will be not rewarded with government grants and so on and so forth if you’re insufficient in the diversity area. It is really, he is changing America by changing the people, literally.”

Gaffney shared Corcoran’s concerns, saying that Obama “was about the fundamental transformation of America, and a key element of that strategy, it certainly seems, through the refugee resettlement and other techniques … has been to change the population, change the demographics of our society.”

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Right Wing Watch previously mentioned me here (only 3 times so far).  Go here and have fun looking at who else makes the news there.

Right Wing Watch is a project of ‘People for the American Way,‘ one of many of George Soros’ pet projects. ***Update*** More on People for the American Way was just brought to my attention, here.

Next!  I will reach the pinnacle of my career if the Southern Poverty Law Center lists me on their ‘haters’ list….

Addendum:  Have you been noticed by Right Wing Watch, if so, consider it an honor.  If you or your group haven’t been mentioned yet, that is a goal to work toward!  Please let us know if you have joined this august body!

And thanks to reader Robin for letting me know that the Southern Poverty Law Center does mention me several times: here and here (they say “people take me seriously” imagine that!).

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