Iraqi interpreters given refugee status, not pure as the driven snow

I often hear people say, that although they have problems with the refugee resettlement program, they do think we should be admitting the Iraqi interpreters and others who “helped us in Iraq.”   But, guess what, some of them lie.

Jasim Ramadon
Poster boy for Iraqis who helped Americans! Jasim Ramadon doing 28 years to life for brutal rape. Why didn’t we just deport him to Iraq and save ourselves what probably will amount to hundreds of thousands of tax dollars to keep him incarcerated.

Here is a case just brought to our attention by Creeping Sharia—former interpreter who was living the ‘good life’ in Texas was found to be connected to ISIS.  You can read the whole sorry tale here at Creeping Sharia.
You can read about Special Immigrant Visas here (it was another contribution to America by the now dead Senator Ted Kennedy who added it in the dark of night to a Defense Authorization bill in 2008).
Colorado rape case:
I’m reminded of the Colorado rape case which Diana West so thoroughly discussed here and which I always bring to the attention of listeners when I speak or do skype presentations.  This man who “helped” Americans (before brutally raping a Colorado woman) was even featured on the Oprah Winfrey show (see here)!

Ramadon, Hendrex (the Sargent who helped Ramadon get in to the US)  and other members of Dragon Company appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show in September 2004. While there, Ramadon met John Travolta, one of his heroes.

Ramadon was ultimately convicted and sentenced (in 2014) to 28 years to life, here for a rape described as one of the most brutal in Colorado history. Lucky taxpayers—you get to pay for his prison term.
In a quick look at our archives I see we posted on an Afghan interpreter admitted to the US as a SIV holder who allegedly ripped off our generous welfare system, here.
My job is to balance the news!  For every warm and fuzzy refugee-contributes-to-America story, I’ll find you a Ramadon or an Abood (the TX ISIS lover), or a Hayatullah.  The lesson is that we don’t, and can’t, screen them thoroughly.

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