No Surprise! Minnesota Governor Tells President Trump: Send Us More Impoverished Africans!

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz

Well, he didn’t say Africans, but that is pretty much what Minnesota gets these days!

He also, ever so cutely, said “The Inn is Not Full in Minnesota.”

I’ve been meaning to mention Minnesota ever since I saw a Star Tribune article that describes how the taxpayer funded resettlement contractors divvied up the state’s counties in order to put lobbying pressure on elected officials there.

Because Minnesota is such a hot resettlement site, the state has ‘enjoyed’ the presence of a majority of the nine federal contractors.*** At one point only HIAS didn’t have an office there.  The others were busy as one critic joked—“bidding for bodies” as the contractors are paid by you and me on a per head basis.

According to the Minnesota Department of Human Services website at the present time, five subcontractors are placing refugees in the state:

Here is the Star Tribune about how the five have divided the counties in the state to lobby for permission to place refugees.  They claim they are aiming to convince 24 counties (of 87) to grant permission to be resettlement sites this next year, but I’m sure they are out scouting for any easy pickin’s among the remainder of counties.

Local approval for refugee resettlement sparks heated debate in Minnesota counties


Ben Walen, director of refugee services at the Minnesota Council of Churches, said it seemed like county governments were “being put in a political bind.” The council is one of the state’s five refugee resettlement organizations. Those agencies [funded with taxpayer dollars.—ed] are splitting up the work of soliciting letters of consent from about two dozen of Minnesota’s 87 counties that have a recent record of resettling refugees.

I’m thinking putting county governments in a political bind is a good thing.  Don’t want political binds, don’t run for political office!

BTW, as of today, December 13th, the governor has apparently not sent in his formal letter to the US State Department.  See those consents that have come in already,  here.

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***For new readers these (below) are the nine federally-funded refugee contractors that monopolize all refugee placement in America.  For decades they have decided in secrecy where to place refugees and they don’t want to lose that power because even as they pontificate about their religious convictions and humanitarian zeal, they are the religious Left’ political groups working to change America by changing the people and using your money to do it!

4 thoughts on “No Surprise! Minnesota Governor Tells President Trump: Send Us More Impoverished Africans!

  1. CAIR just shared this (along with a picture of the event) out to their email list:
    CAIR-MN Organizes Important St. Cloud Community Meeting with Governor Walz and State Officials

    Community Leaders had a great meeting with Governor Tim Walz and Commissioner Minnesota Department of Human Rights Rebecca Lucero Deputy Commissioner of Minnesota Department Employment and Economic Development Hamse Warfa and State Rep. Dan Wolgamott. The parties met without press present and discussed critical issues affecting the St. Cloud Community.

    CAIR Minnesota welcomes Governor Governor Tim Walz strong stand and support for welcoming refugees to our state and rejecting President Donald Trump recently issued Executive Order requiring both state governments and counties to independently consent to welcoming refugees in order to allow for those seeking refuge to settle there.

    Put this in context with the 3 new Human rights offices, the Task force by Ellison, the hate crimes meetings all across the state, the local LIRS rep’s trip to DC where Congressman Emmer welcomed her and UniteCloud’s director, alongside the new Interfaith group…

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