Letter: Springfield, Massachusetts Mayor Says NO Thanks to More Refugees

Democrat Mayor Domenic Sarno says it is time for wealthier towns to take in the refugees from the third world.

Here is what the Mayor said in a letter posted at Mass Live yesterday (emphasis is mine):

Mayor Sarno has been for years attempting to slow the flow of refugees to Springfield. We have several posts on his frustration archived here: https://refugeeresettlementwatch.org/?s=Mayor+Sarno

As a proud life-long resident of Springfield and in response to a City Council resolution – No, I will not be issuing a letter of consent to the White House, U.S. Department of State, The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in support of continuing refugee resettlements in Springfield.

It’s time for other much more affluent communities to take on their fair share.

My position has been very clear on that this issue taxes our city and school services and calls into question the accountability and follow-through aspects of refugee agencies, who not too long ago, placed a number of refugees in condemned housing units. We have a number of residents in Springfield who need assistance and that will continue to be the concentration of my efforts. Springfield has proudly done more than its fair share on this issue.

As a recent Boston Federal Reserve report indicated about Springfield – “you cannot continue to concentrate poverty on top of poverty.”I ask, as those more affluent communities demand of Springfield, to step up to the plate and put their money where their mouth is — to take on their fair share of social justice responsibilities. The familiar tune I always hear from these much more affluent communities is that we do not have the capacities for refugees, the homeless, subsidized housing and methadone clinics.

Springfield is at capacity – the ball is now in their court.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Holidays – God Bless.

Domenic J. Sarno, Mayor of Springfield

The mayors letter echos a common theme of many America Firsters!  Take care of our own poor and vulnerable citizens first!

Also, readers should know that the rules that guide the President’s reform initiative say specifically that it is county governments that must opt-in or opt-out of the resettlement program.

See the US State Department Guidance here.

For each state and locality where the applicant proposes to resettle refugees during the award period, the applicant should seek written consent for resettlement of refugees from the state governor’s office and the chief executive officer of the local government (county or county equivalent).

Springfield is in Hampden County and when I visit the State Department’s list of sites where elected officials have said, sure send us more poverty, I’m not seeing Hampden County listed.  For Massachusetts at this time, I’m seeing five city governments are going to create an additional tax burden on their citizens, but no counties have weighed-in.

I have no idea what the feds are going to do about this apparently great misconception!

It is not too late!  You should still be trying to get your governors and county commissioners to say NO, not this time!

Don’t leave Appomattox County, Virginia as the sole county with guts!

Shame on You if You Don’t Take 15 Minutes to Do This!

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9 thoughts on “Letter: Springfield, Massachusetts Mayor Says NO Thanks to More Refugees

  1. The mayor inadvertently brings up a good valid point, “fair share.” What exactly would be the number, considering even if every settled country on the globe took on such a share, would it come even close to eliminating the problem?

    I doubt it.

    It would be much better for America to provide our tax dollars to the nine main refugee relocation contractors and have them spend it in the impoverished countries. The nine represent religious folks, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get their membership to volunteer. They can go wherever they feel best to distribute the aid.

    The need is so great, it shouldn’t take very long to spend the money and get back to America.

    For Central America they could form an aid caravan.

    1. Oh but that would mean they would have to leave their cushy homes and actually go to some really tough places and do tough work (often where people would hate them!).

  2. Springfield is down the road from my home here. They were essentially bankrupt not too long ago and struggle to this day. That’s how bad it has to be before a dem will stand up the the cult members behind the push for a massive influx of low skill, uneducated and permanent wards of the state.

  3. Thank you, Mayor Sarno. Let the immigrants come, LEGALLY, with guaranteed sponsorship or employment to ensure they will not become dependent upon social services support. English is our common country language. New legal immigrants should be required to learn English. Please continue to decline accepting more illegal aliens in our city.

  4. Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno won’t grant refugee consent, defies unanimous City Council vote. December 17th.
    “Mass accepted nearly 2,000 refugees in fiscal 2017, according to the state’s figures. The highest numbers came from from Haiti, Iraq, Bhutan and Somalia.
    Other cities, including Northampton, Holyoke, Easthampton, West Springfield and Chicopee have passed similar refugee resolutions.”
    TOUGH STUFF. Maybe Texas will take em?

    1. Yes, I have been writing about the mayor for years… and I guess you didn’t see the news that the governor of Texas has said NO, he doesn’t want more right now.

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