Connecticut Senator Blumenthal wants more Syrians here faster, proposes to eliminate some screening

Colonizing Connecticut?

Update October 7th:  Follow-up post to the revelation that CAIR is behind (literally) Blumenthal’s proposal to lessen security screening for Syrian refugees, go here.
***Update*** Who is that sinister-looking man over Blumenthal’s left shoulder.  It is none other than the Executive Director of CAIR Connecticut.  Thanks to Kyle for identifying him.  You can bet his interest is not in saving persecuted Christians!  See bio below.
Here is the brief story at WTNH News 8:

Senator Blumenthal making his announcement. Who is that guy looming over his left shoulder, does anyone know?

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — All eyes are on the 4 million people who’ve fled a brutal civil war in Syria that’s been raging for four years. Several European countries are offering to take in many of the refugees. The United States has also offered to help by possibly taking in 10,000 people. Senator Richard Blumenthal wants to see the process sped up.


Currently, it takes 18 months to two years for a refugee to come to the United States because of the lengthy process that’s involved. Sen. Blumenthal will submit a four point plan later this week to the powers that be in Washington that will hopefully eliminate some of the red tape. He announced some of his plan Monday morning in Hartford. Some of the points include:

*Expansion of the ‘Priority 3″ program that allows refugees with relatives in the United States to apply directly to the United States government for screening and resettlement.

*Improve coordination to end the repeat security checks that expire while refugees are still being processed.

*Use of videoconferencing for security screenings to greatly reduce the need for expensive and logistically-difficult travel.

*Notification of families when some, but not all family members have been cleared to come to the U.S.

We mentioned the ‘expansion of P-3’ when we wrote about the Senate hearing last week. This must be vigorously opposed as P-3 fraud has been rampant over the years!
See our post on the 18 mayors telling Obama to bring 100,000 Syrians here.  The mayor of Hartford is one of the 18.  Also, see this post from a week ago where other Connecticut elected officials were out stumping for Syrians.  Any connection to all the Muslim money flowing to Yale.
Connecticut you are in deep trouble!

Mongi Dhaouadi
Executive Director

Mongi S. Dhaouadi was born and raised in Tunisia. He moved to the US when he was 19 years old and studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. As The Executive director of CAIR-CT, he conducts civil rights workshops throughout the state of Connecticut under the title “Know Your Rights.” Also, he leads several workshops and discussions on Islamophobia and the Muslim experience before and after 9/11. He has participated in and led several media campaigns and press conferences on issues concerning the Muslim community ranging from discrimination cases to advocating for the change of racial profiling laws in the state of Connecticut. Dhaouadi was featured in countless local, national, and international media outlets including NPR, FOX News, and Democracy Now with Amy Goodman. During the summer, he runs a youth internship program during which high school and college students work on several projects ranging from preparing a toolkit on Islamic cultural competency for schools, to writing and publishing articles from a Muslim youth perspective in the local papers and publications. Dhaouadi leads a Connecticut delegation at the Capitol Hill visits; an event that is organized every year by CAIR National, where members of the Muslim community visit their representatives in Wasington, DC and advocate for issues of concern domestic and foreign. Prior to joining CAIR-CT on a full time bases Dhaouadi was the Head Administrator at SKF Academy in Hamden Connecticut. Dhaouadi is married with three children: ages 11, 14 and 18. He lives with his family in New London, Connecticut. His favorite past time is playing or coaching soccer.

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