What Was Secretary of State Pompeo Doing in Tennessee?

As you know Republican governors*** are turning against the President on the issue of refugee admissions and the President’s Executive Order that permits governors and county commissioners to say no thanks to refugee resettlement later in 2020.

‘Send us more poverty we have run out of poor people for the churches (and taxpayers!) to care for,’ said Tennessee Governor Bill Lee when he said his Christian faith led him to decide to reach out with open arms to the third world in order to move more poverty closer to home.

Or, was he persuaded for ‘foreign’ policy reasons to cave because of Little Kurdistan in his midst.

“Bill and Pompeo working on the refugee resettlement issues.”


Thanks to the ever-watchful dailyrollcall.com, a website in Nashville, we learned that Secretary of State Pompeo visited the governor (dubbed ‘Biblical Bill’) in October to “canoodle” about the refugee program.  That was only a few weeks after the release of the President’s EO.

Because Tennesseans are better organized to resist refugees and have maintained strong and vocal support for a state’s rights lawsuit the state filed against the federal government, citizens are alert and learned of Pompeo’s visit to the governor.

Is Secretary of State Pompeo undermining the Prez?

Frankly I smell a rat! Was Pompeo looking for a key governor (some might argue the most important governor because of the lawsuit) to lead other Republican governors to consent to refugee placement in their states?

Or, is it possible that Pompeo was out having additional chit-chats with governors that we don’t know about.

By the way, any Republican governor who jumps on the consent bandwagon this early is dumb, because according to the Funding rules that are the guidance for the President’s concept to allow governors to opt-in or opt-out, they have well into 2020 to decide because of the leeway granted by the loose language of the guidance.

The big lie!  

Could the Secretary of State be telling Lee and his ‘evangelicals’ that they will be admitting mostly the persecuted Christians of the Middle East to your towns and cities?

Does the President know what Pompeo is doing?

Because I’m sick of hearing that we need refugee resettlement to save Christians, I had a look at the numbers this morning.

If you thought the Trump State Department was saving Christians in the Middle East, you are wrong!

I checked the Refugee Processing Center data and learned this about the three major Middle Eastern Islamic countries from which we admit refugees.  I went back to Trump’s inauguration day to today, Christmas eve 2019, and learned this:



We admitted 2,831 refugees.  2,714 of those are Muslims (96%)

In addition to the regular refugees we admitted 37,570 Special Immigrant Visas (get the same benefits as refugees) for those who supposedly helped us there since Trump came into office.  They would naturally all be Muslims, but there is no data on those (that I know of).


We admitted 2,944 refugees. 1,891 of those are Muslims  (64%)

In addition we admitted 3,341 SIVs from Iraq.


We admitted 2,674 refugees. 2,549 are Muslims (95%)

If Gov. Lee thinks we are saving Syrian Christians, we are not!  And, I sure hope that Pompeo wasn’t telling him that we are!

And, by the way, there is a bipartisan effort in the Senate that includes Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) to expand the SIV program to Syrians and Kurds (Muslims), see here.

Over the years, Blackburn has talked big about slowing the flow of refugees, so why has she now done a 180?

A story for another day!  At least the State Department is putting on a show of opposing it!

*** So far besides Lee, that we know of, REPUBLICAN governors of Utah, New Hampshire, Arizona, North Dakota, South Dakota, West Virginia and Nebraska have abandoned Trump The official list of governors who have consented is here.  Clearly many governors have not gotten their consent letters into the State Department.

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10 thoughts on “What Was Secretary of State Pompeo Doing in Tennessee?

  1. Re Smellling a rat: I would be very surprised at Pompeo for caving to governors and refugees. He knows the truth and was a big supporter of Brigitte Gabriel’s Act for America. Marsha Blackburn too was a supporter of ACT. Why now are they changing their tunes? This is a question I will pose to ACT. Once you get in high places sometimes you lose your ability to breathe the same air we do. Sad

  2. Hi Ann I like your site and appreciate your hard work. I’d just like to point out a blind spot in your coverage, the role of corporate and billionaire donors. You seem surprised that Republicans are coming out in favor of immigration. You seem surprised Mike Pompeo is supporting immigration.
    Please watch this 3 min video and keep in mind that Pompeo is the all time top recipient of Koch bros cash. You will never hear a Republican and probably won’t hear a Dem say this because it reveals the real reason both parties support mass immigration.

    1. I don’t think Bernie is talking about immigration in the same way today as he did in 2015. If you have a link or links to information on Pompeo and the Koch Brothers funding I would love to see it!

      1. Pompeo is from the Koch Bros home district. Koch money seeded Pompeo’s aerospace business
        Sources in link http://realkochfacts.com/kochs-intelligence-agency-gets-a-boost-with-pompeo-at-the-cia/
        According to the Center for Responsive Politics
        Mike Pompeo Was The Top Recipient Of Koch Industries Money In Congress In 2012 110k
        Mike Pompeo Was The Top Recipient Of Koch Industries Money In Congress In 2016 64.3k
        2014 104k
        Mike Pompeo Was The Top Recipient Of Koch Industries Money In Congress In 2010 110k
        and in my opinion him and Trump are Israeli assets. I think Trump is a horrible candidate for pres. He lowers the limit election year, that’s meaningless. How about changing the 1964 or 65 law? How about not creating more refugees by trying to overthrow and/or supporting wars ie Venez Yemen, Syria, Iran and whatever country Morales stepped down. I think the entire gop needs to be removed from power because of their implementation of Citizens United. There’s no chance of stopping the flood of immigrants until that law is changed esp now that Trump has his people on the scotus. Trump had the now disgraced man behind Citizens United on his election team, we are absolutely screwed.

      2. Yea you busted me that was 2015, Bernie may of changed his tune on immigration. But if you look at his state and the fact he isn’t owned by corporations at least he has the freedom to do what’s good for America.

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