Guess where this photo was taken?

Yesterday we had a photo from Sweden where a disgruntled subway rider pulled a gun when he didn’t have the fare.

Here is today’s disgruntled migrant who didn’t have his bus fare.  Thanks to reader ‘petzix‘ for sending us the story.  Petzix says the man administering the beating is a Somali.

Can you guess from where?

That is the bus driver on the ground!

The Gold Coast, Australia!  Here!

But at least in Australia they are trying to get their migrant/asylum seeker invasion under control, not so in Sweden.

See ‘strategy session’ with Somalis and white organizer on how to break into Australia, here.

Addendum:  After I posted this, I see that ‘pp’ had alerted us to a TV show on Australia’s illegal migrant problem this past week, here.   The Australian had this to say about the show.

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